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Microsoft visual C++ sample program.
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Microsoft visual C++ sample program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CLOSED.BMP 222 105 deflated
LEAF.BMP 222 101 deflated
LEGAL.TXT 1889 916 deflated
MAINFRM.CPP 2448 889 deflated
MAINFRM.H 978 474 deflated
MINUS.BMP 222 82 deflated
MSOUTLIN.VBX 24000 12495 deflated
OPEN.BMP 222 115 deflated
OUTLINED.CPP 12987 2984 deflated
OUTLINED.H 1589 711 deflated
OUTVBDOC.CPP 1723 603 deflated
OUTVBDOC.H 937 449 deflated
OUTVBVW.CPP 3103 839 deflated
OUTVBVW.H 1336 525 deflated
OUTVBX.APS 24324 6687 deflated
OUTVBX.CLW 2716 842 deflated
OUTVBX.CPP 3767 1407 deflated
OUTVBX.DEF 350 242 deflated
OUTVBX.H 1038 491 deflated
OUTVBX.ICO 768 205 deflated
OUTVBX.MAK 3841 1130 deflated
OUTVBX.RC 10034 2397 deflated
OUTVBX.RC2 1543 657 deflated
OUTVBX.VCW 92 82 deflated
OUTVBX.WSP 364 186 deflated
PLUS.BMP 222 103 deflated
PLUSMIN.CPP 1368 523 deflated
PLUSMIN.H 836 431 deflated
README.TXT 1251 650 deflated
RESOURCE.H 1395 402 deflated
STDAFX.CPP 204 128 deflated
STDAFX.H 817 351 deflated
TOOLBAR.BMP 1200 355 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Title: Sample shows how to use MSOUTLIN.VBX in MFC application


OUTVBX is a sample program that demonstrates how to use the Outline
VBX control (MSOUTLIN.VBX) from Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 within
an MFC application. The Outline control allows you to display data
in a hierarchical listbox which supports 5 different styles.

OUTVBX.ZIP can be found in the Software/Data Library by searching on
the word OUTVBX, the Q number of this article, or Sxxxxx. OUTVBX was
archived using the PKware file-compression utility.


Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 introduced a hierarchical listbox VBX
control that can be very useful to display data. The Outline control
supports the use of bitmaps and lines to expand and collapse the
visual display (similar to the File Manager in Windows 3.1).

This sample program also shows how to dynamically modify a picture
property for a typical VBX control. The default picture values in
MSOUTLIN.VBX are not functional in an MFC application so the
properties must be reinitialized during runtime. The pictures used
are included as resources by App Studio in the .RC file.

Contributed by: Phillip Cooper Microsoft Developer Support

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