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C++ library for database design. This is FREEware!.
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C++ library for database design. This is FREEware!.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ACCESS.C 8524 2865 deflated
ACCESS.H 2883 1282 deflated
ADL.H 4726 1621 deflated
ADL_S.LIB 73216 26105 deflated
AVERAGE.INX 10304 4550 deflated
BATCH.C 10733 3274 deflated
BATCH.H 2438 1030 deflated
BUILD.BAT 364 138 deflated
CHANGES.DOC 2019 1028 deflated
COMPANY.DTB 8 6 deflated
COMPILE.BAT 341 230 deflated
DBASE.C 5251 1600 deflated
DBASE.H 2012 940 deflated
DIALOG.C 3115 1274 deflated
EDIT.C 6988 2260 deflated
EDIT.H 1696 753 deflated
ERA.INX 9432 4227 deflated
ERROR.C 1264 560 deflated
FIELD.C 11269 3464 deflated
FIELD.H 3093 1253 deflated
GUIDE.DOC 24873 8126 deflated
HELP.C 1414 648 deflated
HITS.INX 9732 4504 deflated
HITTER.DTB 38332 14988 deflated
HPLAY.INX 16596 7002 deflated
HR.INX 9732 3851 deflated
INDEX.C 18342 3775 deflated
INDEX.H 2405 968 deflated
LOWLEVEL.C 8974 3005 deflated
LOWLEVEL.H 2267 772 deflated
MACROS.STD 525 315 deflated
MAKEFILE 1267 500 deflated
MENU.H 4785 1499 deflated
OUTLINE.DOC 5317 2302 deflated
PITCHER.DTB 33736 12926 deflated
POPUP.C 8164 2741 deflated
PPLAY.INX 14392 6096 deflated
PULLDOWN.C 4385 1773 deflated
REPORT.C 9066 2893 deflated
REPORT.H 1601 725 deflated
SAVES.INX 8440 3112 deflated
SB.INX 9160 3741 deflated
SCROLL.C 2294 943 deflated
SO.INX 8440 3838 deflated
STATS.C 9239 2775 deflated
STATS.H 1913 658 deflated
STDHDR.H 2897 1121 deflated
TURBOC.CFG 118 66 deflated
USER.DOC 2559 1191 deflated
UTILITY.C 4973 1889 deflated
VSCROLL.C 3114 1298 deflated
WINDOWS.C 9174 2782 deflated
WINS.INX 7944 3149 deflated

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Contents of the CHANGES.DOC file

(C) 1991 Vision Software, All Rights Reserved.

Address any correspondance to:

Vision Software
3408 Lansdown Drive
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

In addition, I may be reach through the following electronic

UseNet: [email protected]

This file describes changes between version 1.00 and version 1.20 of the
Applications Development Library from Vision Software. This is a maintanance
release, as such many changes will not be visible to the programmer.


-Constructor arguments for sz,cch now default to Nil. In order to
display, the currently active index is used.

-May now be created with a database that is already open (such as a
global database) This file (+indexes) will remain open after the
batch is destroyed

-May specify a function to call before a new record is created. This may
be used to provide values for non-edit fields.

-Read() is now re-declared within batch. Should not effect the user, just
needed in order to provide some initialization that may not be done by
the constructor

-Index fields may now have default values for the field. (Like a normal field)

-Sz/CchIndex now take an optional parameter to specify which index file to use.
The default is to use the currently active index field.

-FMark/FGotoMark may be used to save/recall a position within a database.
Currently, only ONE mark is supported.

-Title() may be called any number of times in order to place title fields
for each page on the report.


WINDOWS.H has been renamed to ADL.H. This was done in order to eliminate the
conflict between the MS Windows headerfile and our header file.

ADL100x.LIB has been renamed to ADL_x.LIB. The 100 specified version 1.00,
naming should now be consistent across versions.

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