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Turbo C++ source code for Vxbase Windows dbase library for Visual Basic.
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Turbo C++ source code for Vxbase Windows dbase library for Visual Basic.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
READMEC.TXT 1027 446 deflated
VX.ICO 766 339 deflated
VXB.H 10506 2078 deflated
VXBASE.LIB 30208 8385 deflated
VXSAMP.C 39005 7634 deflated
VXSAMP.DEF 307 188 deflated
VXSAMP.DSK 231 162 deflated
VXSAMP.EXE 17920 6772 deflated
VXSAMP.H 2951 956 deflated
VXSAMP.PRJ 5277 1103 deflated
VXSAMP.RC 4236 1156 deflated
VXSAMP.RES 1525 796 deflated

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Contents of the READMEC.TXT file

These files include all files necessary to compile
a vxBase sample application in Borland's Turbo c++ 3.0.

Create a directory named \borlandc\vxbase and
copy these files to the new location.

vx.ico vxbase icon for resource file

vxb.h c header file includes all vxbase
function prototypes and definitions
required to write a c program using
vxbase routines

vxbase.lib vxbase import library

vxsamp.c sample c application

vxsamp.def windows definitions file

vxsamp.dsk ide desktop

vxsamp.exe compiled sample uses standard dbf
and ntx files accessed by Visual
Basic sample app vxbtest. These
files must be in directory

vxsamp.h header file for vxsamp.c

vxsamp.prj turbo c++ project

vxsamp.rc vxsamp resource script

vxsamp.res compiled resource file

Turbo c++ 3.0
Compile from within the Windows IDE.

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