Dec 172017
Neat "mini-demo" of vector balls. Comes with C++ source code.
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Neat “mini-demo” of vector balls. Comes with C++ source code.
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Contents of the VECTBALL.TXT file

| V E C T O R B A L L S |
| by |
| Tumblin / Bodies In Motion |
| |
| email: [email protected] (prefered) |
| [email protected] |
| |
| snail mail: Terry Sznober |
| 193 Churchill Blvd. Apt.4 |
| Saint John, N.B. |
| E2K 3E2 |
| (506)652-3516 |

Hello all you budding demo coders, here is my contribution to your
collection of sources. Seeing that there was no sources around for doing
vector balls, I thought I might release my first attempt at programming them.
(I am a beginner too you know 🙂 This little vector balls demo was created
in its entirety by myself (the C source code that is). The rest of the code
is from XLib06. I added extra comments all over the place, so it should be
pretty straight forward. Please feel free to use this code in your own
demos, intros, or whatever. Just greet me! I get a big kick out of seeing
my name in lights!!!


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