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Borland C++ OWL dialog box examples.
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Borland C++ OWL dialog box examples.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DLGALL.CPP 6515 1563 deflated
DLGALL.H 462 200 deflated
DLGALL.PRJ 6252 1359 deflated
DLGALL.RC 2360 647 deflated
DLGMAIN.CPP 1718 574 deflated
DLGMAIN.PRJ 6211 1348 deflated
DLGMAIN.RC 388 228 deflated
DLGMODAL.CPP 3337 1050 deflated
DLGMODAL.H 166 114 deflated
DLGMODAL.PRJ 6256 1357 deflated
DLGMODAL.RC 912 375 deflated
DLGMSGBX.CPP 12058 1708 deflated
DLGMSGBX.H 1084 344 deflated
DLGMSGBX.PRJ 6256 1362 deflated
DLGMSGBX.RC 2739 663 deflated
DLGNONMD.CPP 3147 1006 deflated
DLGNONMD.H 180 123 deflated
DLGNONMD.PRJ 6301 1363 deflated
DLGNONMD.RC 1136 469 deflated
DLGNOPAR.CPP 3258 1041 deflated
DLGNOPAR.H 180 124 deflated
DLGNOPAR.PRJ 6256 1356 deflated
DLGNOPAR.RC 1136 469 deflated
DLGSYSMD.CPP 2967 947 deflated
DLGSYSMD.H 162 110 deflated
DLGSYSMD.PRJ 6256 1357 deflated
DLGSYSMD.RC 1040 426 deflated
OWLDLGS.DOC 1638 681 deflated
OWLDLGS.GRP 9112 519 deflated

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Contents of the OWLDLGS.DOC file

OWLDLGS.DOC is a group of seven examples of
using dialog boxes with Borland C++ 3.0 and OWL.
These examples use dialog boxes instead of windows.
In order for the project files to work without modification
create an OWLDLGS directory off of the the OWL examples directory.
Copy the files into the owldlgs directory and the projects will
work correctly.
Also included is an OWLDLGS.GRP file. To use it, copy it to the
Windows directory and activate it by choosing New Project from
the file menu under windows and give it the OWLDLGS.GRP group name.

Brief description of the examples follow.

dlgmain - demonstrates using a dialog box as the main window.
dlgmodal - demonstrates a modal dialog box called from a main dialog.
dlgmsgbx - demonstrates all of the precanned message boxes called
from a main dialog.
dlgsysmd - demonstrates a system modal dialog box called from a
main dialog.
dlgnonmd - demonstrates a non modal dialog box with a parent.
It always shows in front of the parent even when
the parent has the focus.
dlgnopar - demonstrates a non modal dialog box without a parent.
The parent will move in front, when it gets the focus.
dlgall - All of the preceding examples combined into one as
a summary.

These seven OWL dialog examples are released to the public domain.
Feel free to cut and paste the .CPP .RC and .H files into your own
programs without modifications.

Bob Bourbonnais 1/12/92

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