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C++ source for string class.
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C++ source for string class.
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Contents of the OOSTRING.TXT file

OOSTRING Class release 1.1 March 29, 1992

Here is a class to handle strings. Most of the operators have
been overloaded. This version includes operator[], operator<<,
and operator>>.

Operator + can be used to concatenate strings. Unary operators +
and - will convert the string to upper case or lower case and return
a temporary variable; the original string is NOT converted. This is
different than what release 1.0 of this code did. Operators ++ and --
do change the case of the string, no temporaries are made. I haven't
yet included code for BC3's support of pre/post ++,-- operators but I
will soon.

All of the logical comparisons have been overloaded. Because I didn't
overload all of the comparison operators there is the chance that a lot
of constructor calls will be made, along with a lot of temporaries.
This overhead can be avoided by overloading the logical operators with
all of the possible combinations. I'll be doing this as soon as I get
a chance!

I'm sure I'll be updating this class in the future as I need more
functionality from it.

Go ahead and freely use this class. All I ask is that you send
me a letter saying that you are using it, or just say "Hi."
Also, please send me any comments or suggestions that you may

Happy programming!

John Bernstein

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