Dec 202017
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This is a 3-layer, maximally-connected neural network that uses the sigmoid function, backpropagation with momentum, and a stochastic update strategy. Borland C++ source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
NEURON.CPP 404 229 deflated
NETWORK.CPP 10015 2343 deflated
NEURAL.HPP 2657 1136 deflated
CONNECTI.CPP 1248 533 deflated
NEURAL.RPT 9482 1983 deflated
ALPHA.DAT 1403 252 deflated
NEURAL.PRJ 6828 1703 deflated
NEURAL.EXE 95926 46181 deflated
READ.ME 3995 1949 deflated
NEURAL.CPP 1117 479 deflated
XOR.DAT 203 153 deflated
PATTERN.CPP 441 216 deflated

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