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Extensive C++ String class library.
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Extensive C++ String class library.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BINARY.H 728 230 deflated
BITSET.H 2637 805 deflated
BITVEC.H 4706 1677 deflated
BYTEVEC.H 6092 2243 deflated
FATAL.C 258 175 deflated
FILE.H 7240 2250 deflated
FLOATVEC.H 133 94 deflated
LINKLIST.DOC 9741 3363 deflated
LINKLIST.H 3656 1070 deflated
MISC.DOC 10723 4083 deflated
MISC.H 5576 2043 deflated
OBJVEC.H 8756 1962 deflated
README 2120 1014 deflated
SOURCE.ZIP 43375 42898 deflated
STRINGS.DOC 40979 13158 deflated
STRINGS.H 10974 2477 deflated
TFILE.H 2791 1277 deflated
WLIB.LIB 102400 27775 deflated

Download File WHEATLIB.ZIP Here

Contents of the README file

Files you'll find in this zip file

STRINGS.DOC documention

STRINGS.H header files

WLIB.LIB the stuff you need to link in with (large model)

SOURCE.ZIP the source in its granular format

note that there is no documentation for the vector classes or the file
classes. It should be a fairly straightforward task to interpret the
appropriate header files.

All of my source has a copyright on it, yet these libraries are really
closer to "public domain". I want people to feel free to pass it along,
include it in libraries that they use and sell with the idea that everyone
will have a common base for string, file, vector and linked list libraries.
I just don't want someone to stick their name on it and get rich. I also
think that if someone were to tweak it some and then push it out with some
libraries, that then theirlibraries will no longer be compatible with other
libraries! If you need to do something like that, please just inherit the
appropriate class... Please notify me of any modifications that need to be

These libraries are designed for optimal use the cold, cruel world of
practical programming. It is my belief that the molding of C++ into a
SmallTalk environment kills the beauty of C++: object oriented extensions
to a language that compiles very tight and fast while maintaining high
portability. If you want a SmallTalk-like environment, use SmallTalk! I
hope that this code allows all C++ programmers to develop smaller and
faster programs in less time.

If you are new to programming in C++, the file STRINGS.DOC is for you.

I do ask that if you would like phone support for any of these libraries,
please send a check for $50 to:

Paul Wheaton
1916 Brooks #205
Missoula, MT 59801

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