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Windows viewer for Paradox tables, C++ source code only.
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Windows viewer for Paradox tables, C++ source code only.
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PXDEF.HPP 5210 1667 deflated
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PXEFAM.CPP 2499 616 deflated
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PXEWIN.CPP 1288 500 deflated
PXEWIN.DOC 2517 1146 deflated
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PXREC.CPP 6715 1419 deflated
PXREC.HPP 2483 865 deflated
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PXTBL.CPP 9252 2060 deflated
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Contents of the PXEWIN.DOC file

// PXEWIN - (C) Copyright 1992 by Beam Engineering, INC.


This library contains a set of routines that will allow you to
browse any Paradox table in Windows that is Paradox 3.5 compatible
or less. You cannot change the structure of a table or edit a
record using this library. However, this libary could provide a
good start toward writing your own routines to do table edits and
structure changes.

The library is unique in that it uses list boxes to display field
data for a table. You can scroll vertically or horizontally in
the database. Up to twenty records can be shown simultaneously on
the screen. Several tables can be displayed in seperate windows
using an MDI interface. You can save or restore the desktop to it's
current or last state. The library is TStreamable and Object

The library is organized into two basic parts:

The first part contains a set of routines that allow class/member
access and control to the PDOX Engine library. It contains an
object layer as a base class for engine function access. All
engine classes descend from this object layer. The descendance are:

PXI. Initialization class for initializing the engine.

PXTbl. For table functions.

PXFamily. For family related functions (copy,delete).

PXRec. For record functions.

PXField. For field functions. Subclasses include classes
for each type of field.

PXDIS. For setting up the database for display.

The above object class and it's descendance can be used as a bases
for any engine developement and is not limited to Windows
applications only.

The second part uses class descendance from the OWL and you must use
Windows to work with it. The descendance for the OWL are:

DBDISPLAY. Sets up the database for display in Windows.

PXScroll. Redefines the scroller for the browser.

PXListBox. Redefines list boxes for the browser.

Browse. Creates and manages the browser window.

BrowserFrame. Allows browser interface to be MDI complient.


You are free to copy and use this program for you own benifit.


You may need to change some of you directory defaults around to
include all the libraries you need to link in. Also, put the
PXENGWIN.DLL in the same directory you will be running the program

I would appreciate any comments or criticisms (constructive please).
You can get in touch with me at:

CIS# 72230,2213

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