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Most recent version of PCURSES (was v1.4). Updated for Borland C++.
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Most recent version of PCURSES (was v1.4). Updated for Borland C++.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ATTRIB.C 5507 1184 deflated
BEEP.C 1809 579 deflated
BORDER.C 3574 924 deflated
BOXES.C 4644 1379 deflated
CCURSES.LIB 43008 14720 deflated
CHANGES.TXT 2383 1118 deflated
CHARADD.C 8942 1954 deflated
CHARDEL.C 3468 914 deflated
CHARGET.C 10638 2909 deflated
CHARINS.C 6307 1275 deflated
CHARPICK.C 2754 696 deflated
CLRTOBOT.C 3831 1026 deflated
CLRTOEOL.C 3535 953 deflated
COLOURS.TXT 5831 2160 deflated
CURSES.CMD 650 211 deflated
CURSES.H 18925 4273 deflated
CURSES.MAN 14723 4764 deflated
CURSESIO.ASM 8730 2479 deflated
CURSESIO.C 7653 1811 deflated
CURSPRIV.H 4681 1534 deflated
DEMO-PP.CPP 10209 2793 deflated
DEMO-PP.EXE 23172 12919 deflated
DEMO.C 8352 2324 deflated
DEMO.EXE 22542 12665 deflated
ENDWIN.C 1804 659 deflated
FARCALL.INC 17 17 stored
HCURSES.LIB 47104 16357 deflated
HINTS.TXT 3395 1492 deflated
HUGEDATA.INC 18 18 stored
INITSCR.C 2807 984 deflated
LCURSES.LIB 43520 15115 deflated
LINEDEL.C 3560 912 deflated
LINEINS.C 3389 924 deflated
LONGNAME.C 1409 488 deflated
MAKEFILE 11607 2191 deflated
MCURSES.LIB 39936 14354 deflated
MOVE.C 1819 619 deflated
MVCURSOR.C 1641 601 deflated
NEARCALL.INC 17 17 stored
NEWWIN.C 6473 1775 deflated
OPTIONS.C 4940 1219 deflated
OVERLAY.C 4653 1163 deflated
PRNTSCAN.C 7588 1462 deflated
README 4950 2092 deflated
REFRESH.C 3813 1157 deflated
RM.COM 12210 7279 deflated
SCRREG.C 2091 670 deflated
SCURSES.LIB 39424 13941 deflated
SETMODE.C 3914 1024 deflated
SETTERM.C 3414 888 deflated
SMALDATA.INC 18 18 stored
STRADD.C 3093 784 deflated
STRGET.C 6783 1906 deflated
TABSIZE.C 1983 576 deflated
TERMMISC.C 3260 888 deflated
UNCTRL.C 2513 899 deflated
UPDATE.C 5702 1720 deflated
WINCLEAR.C 1804 583 deflated
WINDEL.C 1751 661 deflated
WINERASE.C 2354 766 deflated
WINMOVE.C 1618 601 deflated
WINSCROL.C 2487 831 deflated
WINTOUCH.C 1617 603 deflated

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Contents of the README file

PC curses 1.3+ or 1.4+ ?

The version number will be determined later
This copy is only a quick HACK. It will get
better soon. Please send comments back to me.

I have got a lot of responses from the net of people interested
in PC curses. However I also learn a few weird things

- Bjorn Larsson the original author who ported the UNIX
curses to the PC has died suddenly in Sept 91 of illness.
Well I am saddened about this.

- There are PC curses 1.4 and beta of 1.5 (never released,
by an American ?) and this American folk is working on his
version 2.0 (not released either) promising to support

- There is an Australian folk in Brisbane helping the above
American friend to build a colour scheme.

- I have spent only 3 days fixing up this package. Be ware that
there are better beta versions out there if you know where to
hunt. If you find them please do let me know.

The information has confused me. Where do I fit into the picture ?
But my interest is largely in C++ which the other two are not
doing, so that could be where this PC curses is heading to. I hope
to join the other two and possibly other silent workers to get one
single powerful pc curses package.

What extra features do you get from this HACK of PC curses ?

* This copy of PC curses was hacked from PC curses 1.3 then
I discovered PC curses 1.4 in simtel-20. I quickly added
the changes in. So it is now theoretically up-to-date with
1.4 from Bjorn Larsson. Here are the extra bits.

- You get a fairly ANSI-C compatible package. It will compile
with BorlandC++ with no warnings!

- You can compile C++ programs with it (please read hints.txt)

- You have a scheme of EGA/VGA colours which is easy to use
because I like simple things.

- You get a demo program which demonstrate what curses do best.
This is the ability to update screen fast when little changes
are made every where in your windows. However painting a
brand new window is SLOW ! Other guys are working on this.
I am waitting for them do get it faster.

- I also tidy up the makefile. Now there is only one makefile for
TurboC++/BorlandC++. MSC users will have to write their own
from the idea in the Makefile. It is esentially compiling all
the *.c files and archive them into a library.

Future C++ enhancements
I would love to get comments from the users about things that
can be done. I can see interesting concepts like the following :

- An C++ class object call view_window. To display a file for
users to read, you simply drop the file name into the object.
- A Logo window object, you drop a filename in and give it
a number of seconds. The logo will be displayed for the number
of seconds and disappear.
- A clock object. You call it any time and tell it where you
want it. A digital clock will be display on a corner of your

These are only examples of useful Object Oriented C++ classes for
curses. I am not interested in a full blown menu management library
just interesting and handy things.

Here are the files in the package

- README : this file itself
- CURSES.MAN : Original manual text by Bjorn Larsson
- README.DOC : Original README text by Bjorn Larsson
- HINTS.TXT : Some hints
- CHANGES.TXT : Changes I made to the PC curses 1.3
- COLOURS.TXT : Description of EGA/VGA colours
- All *.c files : the source files
- All *.lib files : pre-compiled libraries in all models
- Curses.h : header file for C and C++
- Makefile : Makefile for TurboC++ / BorlandC++
- : a good profram to remove files
+ Demo.c/.exe : A demo program written for ANSI-C
+ Demo-pp.cpp/.exe : The same demo program for Borland's C++

Installation notes
Simply copy all the *.lib files to where your libraries are kept.
Copy curses.h to where your C header files are kept or keep it where
you are writting you own program.

Now just use curses the way you always do. If you are new to curses
you have to struggle a bit. Reading the file is the starting
place, then the demo programs.

You may want to recompile the package if you have TurboC++ or
BorlandC++. Just type make and everything will hopefully be alright.
If you have different compiler say MSC, modify the makefile for it.
All the objects file names are in curses.cmd

Type make clean when you finish. This will clean the object files
out to give back disk space.

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