DeskTop Publishing in the 1990's

DESK Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
12LABELS.ZIP31383May 11 1988Ventura chapter with label setup.
51INF.ZIP9091Sep 14 1989Information on WordPerfect 5.1.
ALISON.ZIP29933Nov 15 1989An elegant, shareware Postscript font for use with CorelDraw 1.1.
AMIBKLT.ZIP19533Jul 1 1992AmiPro 2.0 macro to print existing documents in booklet form. Docs and sample included.
AMIFAN1.ZIP408549Nov 14 1993AmiPro Support Group Fan Newsletter Issue #1.
AMIFNT.ZIP19317Oct 14 1992Fix for AMIFONT.DLL file dated 05-02-92. This fixes screen display problems.
AMIRESUM.ZIP5258Jun 8 1992Style format to do a resume in AmiPro 2.0.
AP31UP.ZIP349651Feb 19 1995File Updates for Ami Pro 3.1 (will update any 3.X release according to the docs).
AP3FIX.ZIP4679Aug 26 1992Ami Pro Text files describing new features and how to fix the print envelope bug - for version 3 of Ami Pro.
AQ21.ZIP108267Jul 9 1990AlphaQuote--this is an accurate typesetting/DTP estimating program. Estimates how much it will cost to produce these types of jobs.
ARTMART.ZIP22152Apr 22 1987Ventura Publisher clip art. Pretty good.
ARTPAK.ZIP161935Oct 5 1989Desktop Publishing art that includes borders, clip art files, and headlines in many different formats.
ARTPAK2.ZIP146841Oct 20 1990Desktop Publishing art that includes borders, clip art files, and headlines in many different formats.
AT-FKEYS.ZIP12827Jun 7 1988Ventura function key template.
AUTOPR41.ZIP47599Mar 1 1993Macro to automate and enhance printing functions within Word for Windows.
BARS.ZIP6634Apr 15 1990Creates Postal Bars out of ZIPcode+4 digits. Creates an .EPS file that can be imported into Ventura. Prints out bar codes in lower righthand corner of envelopes.
BEEP.ZIP1174Aug 17 1989Very simple WP 5.0 macro to beep song.
BIZCAR.ZIP4708Apr 8 1994Business Card style sheet for AmiPro wordprocessor.
BKSHELF3.ZIP19456Apr 5 1988Graphics for Word Perfect 5.0.
BRDRS1.ZIP23278Jan 24 1986Ventura publisher page borders- portrait.
BRDRS2.ZIP13829Jan 28 1986Borders for Ventura frames, landscape.
CALERA.ZIP10506May 4 1992A macro for MS Word for Windows that allows you to scan an image into a document.
CALPOR.ZIP8605Nov 20 1991Style for portrait oriented calendar for AmiPro2.
CAVOL001.ZIP58777Jan 1 1989Clip art for WordPerfect 5.0 (WPG files).
CAVOL003.ZIP17956Jan 8 1989More graphics for Word Perfect 5.0.
CLIPART.ZIP78257Aug 29 1988Clipart for Ventura Publishing.
CMPCLPRT.ZIP163504May 21 1991The Computer Completer's ClipArt package which includes Borders, Headlines, ClipArtSymbols, Accents, and Credit Card Symbols. For use of Venture, Pagemaker, WP 5.+ and packages that support cgm,wmf,pcx,tif graphic images.
DAYRUN.ZIP14264Mar 7 1994DayRunner style sheets for AmiPro word processor.
DECAP.ZIP6739Jun 1 1988Convert Readmacs to work with WP 5.0.
DIEGO1.ZIP67846Jan 10 1990PostScript Font for Ventura Publisher and Windows.
DINGER.ZIP26139Dec 17 1990Excellent Word for Windows 3.0 macro to insert symbols (copyright, trademark, etc.). Easy installation.
DPS11.ZIP84643Oct 24 1993DPS v1.1 - Document Processing System DPS processes a source document file with embedded commands and produces a formatted file suitable for printing on any type of ASCII printer.
DTPBOOKS.ZIP19590Apr 9 1989Bibliography of books on desktop publishing.
DUSTY.ZIP33045Apr 2 1988Ventura Utility. Allows Viewing of .STY files. A must for VP users.
ENVR30.ZIP27093Oct 23 1990Word for Windows self-installing macro that grabs an address from your letter and prints an envelope on a HP Laserjet II series or Laserjet III printer.
EVP154A.ZIP327681May 14 1993EnVision Publisher is a powerful DTP program with a graphical user interface, mouse support, WYSIWYG operation, scalable fonts, full object drawing, unmatched text editing, and much, much more. Part 1 of 2.
EVP154B.ZIP341178May 14 1993EnVision Publisher. Part 2 of 2.
FAXSUP22.ZIP68052Apr 11 1993Program to make faxing even easier from Microsoft Word for Windows.
FEAST.ZIP41465May 1 1988Food in .tif format for Ventura.
FILTER4A.ZIP31431Apr 10 1990Shareware program to load Dbase, Excel and other comma seperated files into Ventura DTP program.
FL2WP.ZIP11048Apr 16 1989Edited Message Thread from Compuserve regarding Freelance Graphics to WP 5.0, and TIFF compressed screen files.
FONTSH.ZIP3059Feb 23 1993AmiPro 3.0 macro to print chart with all available fonts on it.
FPUBART1.ZIP35083Feb 16 1988Clip arts for First Publisher.
FW2A.ZIP145963Feb 26 1993Fileware 2.0a is a suite of thirteen file maintenance, document management & program launching utilities which integrate seamlessly into Microsoft Word for Windows 2.x.
GEMCP301.ZIP5856Dec 10 1988Capture graph screen for Ventura Publisher.
GS252INI.ZIP243912Sep 20 1992Ghostscript version 2.5 support files.
GS252PM.ZIP1960639Jun 7 1993Ghostscript 2.52 - GNU Postscript interpreter.
GS260FNT.ZIP1694735May 7 1993Ghostscript fonts.
GS261EXE.ZIP1186814May 29 1993Ghostscript v2.6 executables (dos, windows).
GTOOL10B.ZIP156512Feb 26 1993Macros/Tools for Word for Windows.
HEIDEL.ZIP86225Feb 4 1990PostScript font for Ventura and Windows, similar to MacHumaine.
HP2TEX.ZIP35822Mar 2 1988Converter for HP soft fonts to TEX format. TEX is a typesetting system created by Donald Knuth.
HPL2VEN.ZIP30765Oct 1 1987Use HP LaserJet Fonts with Ventura, requires utility disk.
ILLUSION.ZIP3852May 14 1993Illusion pattern for use with corel draw.
JUMPTEXT.ZIP50703Mar 31 1993Text Jumper 1.0 - Winword HyperText Macros. Make your documents as user-friendly as the Windows "Help" system. Text Jumper lets you easily create HyperText in Word for Windows.
LEGALDCT.ZIP62468Oct 23 1987Legal dictionary for use with Wordperfect 5.0.
LETPRO1.ZIP295551Apr 11 1993LETTERHEAD PRO FOR WORD FOR WINDOWS will show you how you may insert custom designed letterheads into any new Word document.
LINEART.ZIP206672Jul 22 1987Nice *.GEM art for Ventura.
LMX21.ZIP27483Jun 30 1994LETTERMARKS Rev 2.1. Macros for Ami Pro which provide a simple and natural way to enter the special marks and characters used in French, German, Spanish, and other languages which employ similar typography. Shareware.
MICROGFX.ZIP176421Dec 2 1989Contains 17 EXCELLENT examples of Clip Art for MicroGrafix.
MISCPCC1.ZIP69088Apr 5 1988Misc. pictures for Ventura.
MT21.ZIP13540Sep 20 1988WP 5.0 Macro Translator.
MW601.ZIP443175Oct 10 1994MegaWord. Add-ins for Word for Windows 6.0.
NEWFAX3.ZIP79261Jan 23 1993Word for Windows macro to integrate directly with WinFaxPro.
NPE-ENVL.ZIP59151Feb 27 1988Create letterhead/env with Ventura.
ORGCHRT.ZIP9347Jun 1 1992Word for Windows 2.0 organization chart macros, put shaded borders about text.
ORGWIN.ZIP9347Jun 1 1992Word for Windows Macro to create Orgcharts using the wordprocessor.
OUCHRS.ZIP3725Mar 17 1992Often Used Characters Macro for AmiPro 2.0. Pops up a window that allows you to insert frequently used, but hard to type characters.
PAGE#.ZIP10921May 27 1992WordPerfect for Win macros to add page #'s in xx of yy format.
PAGEXY.ZIP6497Sep 7 1992Another WordPerfect for Win macro to add page #'s in the xx of yy format.
PCX.ZIP100331Apr 5 1988PCX pics for small scale Desktop Publishing.
POSTAGE.ZIP7504Apr 14 1988Make post cards using Ventura.
PRIME60.ZIP496126Jul 26 1994Prime 6.0, collection of add-ins/utilities for Word for Windows 6.0.
PROAP1.ZIP285909Apr 11 1993Make letterheads in AmiPro 3.0.
PUBITTEM.ZIP5460Oct 7 1993Set of three templates for the PUBLISH IT! (tm) DTP program.
PW0775.ZIP809607Feb 1 1993Microsoft tutorial on how to work with palettes.
RODCHENK.ZIP19630Aug 22 1989Headline Postscript font for use with CorelDraw 1.1.
SCRIPTF.ZIP20255Oct 11 1988Roman font for ventura.
SETDR40.ZIP175676Jun 10 1993Setup Corel Draw 4.0 with all parameters. Edit all INI parameters.
SGML.ZIP92030Feb 22 1993Various files on Standard Generalized Markup Language.
STYLIST.ZIP62880Dec 22 1988A VP utility for editing style sheets.
STYNAME.ZIP12707Jan 30 1988Lists Ventura spell sheet style.
STYTUT.ZIP15084Mar 31 1993Style sheet tutorial for Ami Pro wordprocessor V3.0 from their BBS.
SYMBMAC.ZIP4256Sep 15 1988Symbol macros for use with Wordperfect 5.0.
TBARAM.ZIP12498Sep 5 1993Enhance your Word for Windows Toolbar.
TIPS1.ZIP92423Jan 31 1994This is a 20-page document of tips and tricks for MicroSoft Word v6 put together by the Cobb group.
TIPS2.ZIP180187Jan 31 1994This is a 14-page advanced tips and tricks manual for MicroSoft Word for Windows v6.
TT2BMAP.ZIP74870Nov 28 1992Convert a TrueType font to bitmapped, so older DOS applications can still use the latest LaserJet fonts. TT2BMAP requires a graphics adaptor, and access to a print file generated by a TrueType-aware Windows program.
V2.ZIP23057Dec 29 1987A collection of various Ventura Publisher style sheets.
VENSPEC.ZIP45967Jan 16 1988Soft fonts for HPJL II or Ventura Publisher (includes .WID table).
VENT-EMS.ZIP2845Apr 12 1989Text file explaining how to use EMS memory with Ventura Publisher.
VENTFIX.ZIP2253Dec 25 1987Fixs for Ventura V1.1.
VENTUART.ZIP22152Apr 22 1987More clipart for Ventura.
VENTURA.ZIP14798Sep 3 1987Tutor for Ventura Publisher.
VENUTIL.ZIP23655Feb 10 1989New utilities for Ventura with doc.
VFM12.ZIP46044Oct 28 1988A menu-driven program to make loading new VP fonts relatively painless.
VP-ART1.ZIP34656Apr 12 1987Little bitty clipart for Ventura and Others.
VPATCH2.ZIP6212Jun 7 1988Information on patch # 2 for Ventura Publisher.
VPFIX.ZIP93527Dec 14 199011/90 bug fixes for Ventura Publisher 3.0 for Windows - also text file which tells how to set up Adobe Type Manager for use with Ventura.
VPGRAPH.ZIP12121May 21 1988Ventura graphics.
VPPAT-2A.ZIP202124Jan 22 1988Ventura 1.0 patch 1 of 4.
VPPAT-2B.ZIP166067Jan 22 1988Ventura 1.0 patch 2 of 4.
VUNA-STY.ZIP23057Dec 29 1987Style sheets for Ventura Publisher.
W4W-CON.ZIP506515Jun 19 1990The enclosed files contain the latest Word for Windows file converters.
W4W-MAC.ZIP31058May 17 1990Word for Windows macros. Self installing.
W4WFAX1.ZIP18384Jun 15 1992Customizable FAX macro for Word for Windows.
WDPERF5.ZIP8479Nov 13 1989Corrected WP 5.0 .LOD filter for Ventura 2.0. From Xerox.
WFNFIX.ZIP1994Dec 21 1990Describes how to fix Type 1 fonts generated by WFNBOSS of Corel Draw system so that ATM will recognize them.
WOPR60.ZIP1393497May 30 1994Woody's Office PoweR Pack 6.0, . Collection of add-ins for Word for Windows 6.
WP2VPTXT.ZIP5366Mar 10 1988How to use WordPerfect 5.0 with Ventura.
WP50-ART.ZIP31107Jun 2 1989Various Word Perfect 5.0 grab art files.
WP50REF.ZIP7237May 16 1988Key refernce for Word Perfect 5.0.
WP5MACGM.ZIP62507Jul 1 1988Various Word Perfect 5.0 macros from the Word Perfect Macro Handbook.
WPLIST.ZIP6637Jun 11 1989Printer list for WP 5.0.
WPLOGOS.ZIP67660Dec 12 1988Assorted corporate logos in WordPerfect .WPG format.
WPM5.ZIP28143Sep 10 1988Wordperfect 5.0 Pull Down Menu.
WPMAC.ZIP58592Dec 21 1988Mouse menu (MAC-like) for WP 5.0.
WPMAC5.ZIP36366May 23 1989Good collection of macros for Word Perfect V5.0.
WPMACM.ZIP58592Dec 21 1988Logitech and MS mouse menu for Word Perfect 5.0.
WPREF.ZIP6414May 16 1988Word Perfect commands and refs.
WWLOAD.ZIP642Nov 25 1990Alter Word For Windows so it does not default to *.DOC.
XYVENTUR.ZIP1418Dec 4 1988Xywrite program converts files to Ventura Publisher format.