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Create letterhead/env with Ventura.
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Create letterhead/env with Ventura.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

February 27, 1988

Hi everyone! This is Ed from the National Publisher's Exchange. Just thought
I'd share a couple more Ventura tricks with you. So here's the letterhead I
created in Ventura for the envelopes I use here. Used this as an original and
had the envelopes printed professionally.

Take a look at it and most importantly, take it apart! That's the best way to
learn how to do things, look at how others are doing them. Except for the logo
and the NPE picture logo and letters, everything was created within Ventura.
Yes, this means the triangle and shadow!

A lot of people tell me that they learn all kinds of things from the
newsletters I produce here and release to the boards. I hope you'll find this
one equally enjoyable to take apart!

And if you haven't joined the NPE yet, what are you waiting for?!? It's free,
you just have to register. You can reigister by filling out the form included
with the NPE newsletters, the ascii text file called THE_NPE.ARC or you can
even register online at the Eastern Publisher's Exchange BBS. It's that easy
so do it now!
Thanks a lot and don't be shy, share some of your work!
Ed Aborn

The Eastern Publisher's Exchange BBS
(813) 989-1087
24 Hours
300 - 2400 N,8,1
PC Pursuitable

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