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Symbol macros for use with Wordperfect 5.0.
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Symbol macros for use with Wordperfect 5.0.
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ALTB.WPM 75 46 deflated
ALTC.WPM 75 46 deflated
ALTD.WPM 94 67 deflated
ALTE.WPM 84 56 deflated
ALTF.WPM 75 48 deflated
ALTG.WPM 67 38 deflated
ALTH.WPM 83 56 deflated
ALTI.WPM 89 62 deflated
ALTJ.WPM 87 59 deflated
ALTK.WPM 65 36 deflated
ALTL.WPM 73 44 deflated
ALTM.WPM 73 44 deflated
ALTN.WPM 85 59 deflated
ALTO.WPM 75 44 deflated
ALTP.WPM 73 44 deflated
ALTQ.WPM 86 58 deflated
ALTS.WPM 80 53 deflated
ALTT.WPM 89 62 deflated
ALTZ.WPM 69 41 deflated
SYMMAC.DOC 2540 1105 deflated

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Contents of the SYMMAC.DOC file

2/%BVgWPrestige Elite 10pt 12 pitch (D/J/M)|Lddd,!d\(
@EHP LaserJet Series IIHPLASEII.PRSd\(
2ai#|d!Symbol set of Word Perfect 5.0 Macros
Brought to you by J. Arbogast, Artech Services (703) 4862235

This group of macros gives you a group of frequently used word processing
special symbols and other features and saves you from having to use the CtrlV
feature and other lengthy procedures. I hope you find them useful! They have
been assigned to keys which gives some sort of clue as to their function. Some
of the Alt keys have been left open in order that you may assign other macros
to them. They have been created to for printing on an HP Laserjet II, but should
work on most printers.

ALT A open
ALT B Gives you a bullet character 266p<ALT C Cents symbol $$h**0066p<ALT D Degree symbol!$$h**0066p<ALT E Squared symbol"$$h**0066p<ALT F Create footnote
ALT G Begin italic command
ALT H One Half$$h**0066p<ALT I Paragraph symbol$h**0066p<ALT J Division symbol#$$h**0066p<ALT K End italic command&h**0066p<ALT L Greater than/Equal to)h**0066p<ALT M Less than/Equal to&h**0066p<ALT N Page number, bottom center, arabic
ALT O Not equal to symbol'h**0066p<ALT P Plus/Minus symbol%h**0066p<ALT Q One Quarter$$h**0066p<ALT R open
ALT S Section symbol"$$h**0066p<ALT T Three Quarters"$$h**0066p<ALT U open
ALT V open
ALT W open
ALT Y open
ALT Z Horizontal line, margin to margin

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