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Prime 6.0, collection of add-ins/utilities for Word for Windows 6.0.
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Prime 6.0, collection of add-ins/utilities for Word for Windows 6.0.
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Contents of the README.TXT file


PRIME 6.0 is installed via an automated setup routine (SETUP.EXE).

This is the PRIME 6.0 installation checklist. You have to run Word and open
the P6INST.DOC to install the ResetChar macro to NORMAL.DOT (steps 6 - 9).
P6INST.DOC also provides a way to uninstall PRIME 6.0 (If youre not installing
from a floppy, but instead copied the floppys contents onto your hard disk,
replace "a:\" throughout these instructions with the appropriate storage path
on your hard disk.)

1.Exit Word 6 if its already running.
2.Go to Program Manager, select File then choose Run.
3.Type "a:\setup.exe" (without the quotes) and press Enter or click OK.
(If youre installing from your b: diskette drive, type
4.Follow the instructions on the installation screen.
5.When installation is complete, it leaves you in Notepad to review the
latest PRIME 6.0 README.TXT file. Exit Notepad when youve reviewed
any relevant late-breaking news.
6.Start Word 6.
Youll see PRIME 6.0s toolbar displayed.
7.Open P6INST.DOC which can be found on your installation diskette
(or hard disk if you copied the floppys contents there).
8.Double-click the installation button to copy ResetChar to NORMAL.DOT.
NORMAL.DOT is updated and saved automatically for you.
9.Close P6INST.DOC.
Installation of PRIME 6.0 is now complete. Enjoy.
10.PRIME 6.0 has an Uninstaller and it thoroughly scrubs your system
clean of all vestiges of PRIME 6.0. Simply open P6INST.DOC and
double-click the Uninstaller macro button.

Each PRIME 6.0 utility has its own menu item hanging off various standard menu
bar commands, as well as its own button on the PRIME 6.0 toolbar.

>>>>> PRIME 6.0 Important Stuff - 7/26/94 <<<<<

1. All documentation for PRIME 6.0 is provided in the on-line help
file, P6.HLP. This file can be accessed from the PRIME 6.0 toolbar
or from the help buttons on the utility dialog boxes.

2. Fast Spell Checker uses a batch paradigm to speed up the process of
spell checking your documents. This is a very different approach from
the way native Word works so please read the help file topics on using
this PRIME 6.0 utility. Please do not just dive in. It is connected
directly to the Microsoft Common Spelling API (CSAPI) and is getting
all correction suggestions directly from your main dictionary and any
currently loaded custom dictionaries.

Be especially sure to review the help topic "Miscellaneous Fast
Spell Checker Issues".

3. If you have changed your Tools-Path setting in the WINWORD6.INI file
from the default setting you may have to copy P6FAST.WLL from your
Tools-Path directory to your WinWord program directory (usually,

>>>>> PRIME 6.0 Known Bugs - 7/26/94 <<<<<

1. If you run Fast Spell Checker on a document with 3 words or less
and generate a WordList table on that document, you will get a WordBasic
Error 6 "Overflow". We plan to enhance Fast Spell Checker to prevent this
in a future release. The workaround is not to generate a WordList on
documents with less than 3 words in them.

2. AutoText Lister has a bug whereby when you do a Log All and there are
AutoText entries that contain graphics, the table column "AutoText
Statistics" may contain either "Graphic; AutoText entry number x of x."
or "1 character; AutoText entry number x of x." This behavior is not
consistent. It should say "Graphic" every time. We plan to enhance AutoText
Lister to prevent this in a future release.

3. Macro Manager has a bug whereby if you jump to Word's native macro
Organizer from within Macro Manager, and use Organizer to delete or rename
a macro, the list of macros in Macro Manager does not update. If you then
try to print, open, or even select, the changed or deleted macro in Macro
Manager you will get a WordBasic Error 511 "No such macro or command".
We plan to enhance Macro Manager to prevent this in a future release. The
workaround is to close Macro Manager and then rerun it after you have
deleted or renamed a macro.

4. Boy do we feel silly about this one. PRIME 6.0 has a utility for setting
selected text to "no proofing" which causes Word's spell checker to ignore
that text. It also has a Fast Spell Check utility. As it turns out Fast Spell
Check ignores the no proofing attribute and spell checks any text whether it
is marked "no proofing" or not. Fast Spell Check also checks text that is marked
as another language. We plan to enhance Fast Spell Check to honor "no proofing"
in a future release.

>>>>> PRIME 6.0 Utility Descriptions - 7/26/94 <<<<<

* AutoText Lister -- Words native Edit AutoText dialog lumps template and global AutoText
entries into a single undifferentiated list. PRIMEAutoTextLister splits this list
into two sets of controls so you can finally view these two groups of AutoText based on
their context. This utility allows you to view template and global AutoText contents and
statistics side-by-side, catalog them all into a table, and insert selected AutoText into
the current document.

* Bookmark Manager -- View, modify, catalog (in a table), goto, and delete bookmarks and
their contents, and display bookmark statistics. This utility properly handles the
recalcitrant Smart Cut and Paste feature of Word 6.

* Create ProgMan Icon -- From within Word, create a Program Manager Item for the current
document in the Program Group of your choice. You can also add a new Program Group, all
from the same dialog box.

* Document Variable Manager -- Document variables are a cool new feature of Word 6.0, but
theres no native feature for manipulating them. This utility allows you to add, view,
modify, delete and catalog (in a table) document variables and their contents.

* Fast Spell Checker -- Words spell checker is designed to work with one word at a time
moving from one misspelled word to another and requires you to be completely interactive
with the keyboard. PRIME Fast Spell Checker scans your document quickly then presents a
single list of all misspelled words which you can correct as needed. You can also get a
complete word list with word frequencies.

* File New -- The PRIME FileNew utility replaces WinWords default FileNew with a dialog
box containing option buttons labeled with user-defined descriptions for standard templates.
This eliminates scrolling through WinWords template list looking for cryptic eight-character
template names. Includes dialog box preview of each template, default save paths for each
template, immediate save option, filename masking, and autonumbering in the filename mask.

* Macro Manager -- Select for opening or printing one or all macros from a list of the
current templates macros. Allows you to access Word's macro Organizer from within the
Macro Manager dialog box.

* Proof Controller -- PRIMEProofController lets you quickly toggle a section of your document
between "no proofing" (which excludes the section from spell checking) and the language of
your choice.

* ResetChar -- Makes the CTRL+Spacebar combination reset the character format of the insertion
point without resetting the format of the preceding word. This may not sound like much but use
it a few times and you'll be hooked!

* Toolbar Lister -- Click on Toolbar Lister and get a complete list of all active toolbars by
name, along with their slot numbers and assignments. Catalog this list into a table.

* Window Manager -- Select for closing one, several, or all open Word windows; and create a
new window, split, and arrange windows.

* Zoomer -- Zoom using 3-D slider and 10 custom settings.

* PRIME 6.0 Application Programming Interface -- You can call PRIME 6.0 subroutines and
functions from within your own WordBasic code. Thirty six in total. See help topic
"You can call PRIME 6.0 subroutines and functions."

* Word and WordBasic Bugs and Workarounds -- Details of the Word and WordBasic bugs we've
unearthed during development, complete with workarounds where available. See help topic
"Word and WordBasic Bugs and Workarounds."

### The End ###

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