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Set of three templates for the PUBLISH IT! (tm) DTP program.
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Set of three templates for the PUBLISH IT! ™ DTP program.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Three Templates for PUBLISH IT! DTP

ASMPRFRM Programming form for Assembly Language

MLPRGFRM Programming form for Machine Language, for those who still
hand assemble their programs, for use with simple one-board
computers, such as the KIM-1, SYM, or CPU proto boards.

FLIER Simple self-promotional flier (no graphics, nothing fancy).

The programming forms may be especially useful to some, because ruled forms
are somewhat of a pain to create with PUBLISH IT!, which still had no
"straight line" tool as of version 2.0. You may change and adapt these forms
to your liking.

These templates are, of course, public domain.

Please send me your comments or critiques. I would be interested in seeing
what PUBLISH IT! templates you can come up with.

3138 Foster Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21224

*PUBLISH IT! is a trademark of Timeworks, Inc.

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