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Describes how to fix Type 1 fonts generated by WFNBOSS of Corel Draw system so that ATM will recognize them.
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Describes how to fix Type 1 fonts generated by WFNBOSS of Corel Draw system so that ATM will recognize them.
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Contents of the ATMFIX.WRI file

Converting fonts for use with AdobeType Manager

1. Using WFNBOSS convert the .WFN fonts to Adobe Type1.

2. Part of the information in the .PFB file is incorrect and will not allow
the font to download properly. Change as follows:

In DOS type:

DEBUG fontname.PFB
e108 "PS-AdobeFont-1.0: " (this info is case sensitive and must be
w be exactly as typed here, note space
q after 🙂

You can also create a batch file to make the changes. In Notepad create a file with the same
information as above minus the DEBUG line. Save the file as FIXPFB.DBG. Next create a
batch file with the following file:

Save the batch file as FIXPBF.BAT. Now the batch file can be used to repair any of the fonts
by typing:

FIXPFB fontname.PFB or

DEBUG fontname.PFB

3. Go back into Windows and open up Adobe Type Manager. 'ADD' the converted
font, ATM will prompt for a path and file name.

4. When ATM adds the new font it also adds a line to the printer information
in the WIN.INI. For expample, under [PostScript,LPT1] ATM will add:


modify the line to add a reference to the .PFB file:


The added info must start with a ',' and include no spaces or the font will not download.

5. Save the WIN.INI and exit Windows. When you come back into Windows the
font will be ready to use in other Windows applications and will download
to a postscript printer.

Known problems when converting fonts to Adobe Type1

1. WFNBOSS global parameters may not reset after a conversion. Close WFNBOSS after each
conversion reset the parameters.

2. Some characters may appear as different characters on screen and on the printer. This has
to do with differences in the character mapping.

3. Information in the .PFB file is incorrect and can be fixed as mentioned above.

4. All the fonts are given the same unique ID number, as a result, only one can be used at a
time in a document. To change, open the .PFB file in Windows Write with 'No Conversion'.
At the bottom of the first large paragraph is the 'UniqueID', change the number to a new
number. If you are converting a number of fonts increment the number one higher each time.
Save the file.

5. Ventura's .AFM to .VFM utility does not recognize our .AFM format. No workaround currently
available.s in the character mapping.

3. Information in the v



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