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EnVision Publisher is a powerful DTP program with a graphical user interface, mouse support, WYSIWYG operation, scalable fonts, full object drawing, unmatched text editing, and much, much more. Part 1 of 2.

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EnVision Publisher 1.54, full-feature desktop
publishing program. Mouse, GUI, WYSIWYG,
scalable fonts, PCX and text import, drawing
tools, style sheets, master pages, leading,
kerning, line justification, text rotation,
object oriented. Prints on any printer
(laser, dot-matrix, inkjet, PostScript),
collates, scales, etc. VGA, EGA, CGA, Herc,
SuperVGA, etc. Shareware. (ASP)

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EnVision Publisher is a powerful DTP program with a graphical user interface, mouse support, WYSIWYG operation, scalable fonts, full object drawing, unmatched text editing, and much, much more. Part 1 of 2.
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Contents of the REGISTER.DOC file

EnVision Publisher Registration Information

EnVision Publisher is distributed as shareware, a try-before-you-buy
software promotion method. You get to try a shareware version of EnVision
Publisher for up to 30 days, in order to determine if the program fits your
needs. If you decide to continue using it beyond the 30 day evaluation
period, you MUST register to receive EnVision Publisher Plus, or EnVision
Publisher Pro. A complete description of the functions and capabilities of
EnVision Publisher Plus and EnVision Publisher Pro follows below:


* 68 scalable fonts: these fonts can be scaled from 4 points to 108 points,
in one point increments, can be rotated and filled with a fill pattern.
These fonts are shown in the FONTS.EVP publication file on your disk.
* User's Guide: professionally printed 305 page indexed User's Guide with
hundreds of figures and detailed step-by-step instructions, covering
every feature of the program.
* Word processor import filters.
* Print drivers for printing an EnVision Publisher document to a PCX,
TIFF, or IMG bit-mapped file. These files can then be imported into
other programs, or used with a fax/modem.
* Ability to import color PCX images. The unregistered shareware version
only imports monochrome PCX images.
* Clipart: a collection of PCX clipart images that you can import into
EnVision Publisher.
* Templates: a collection of publication templates to make your work much
easier when designing items such as menus, letterheads, invoices,
envelopes, reports, etc.
* Technical Support: when registered users need assistance using EnVision
Publisher, they can call our knowledgeable support staff directly.
Unregistered users only receive limited technical support by mail, FAX,
or Compuserve, only. Unregistered users do not receive telephone support.
* Newsletter: a subscription to the quarterly EnVision Publisher
Newsletter, containing articles covering EnVision Publisher, desktop
publishing and page layout topics, as well as special offers for fonts,
clipart, and new EnVision Publisher program versions.
* Software License, allowing you to LEGALLY use EnVision Publisher beyond
the trial period. Unregistered users should only use EnVision Publisher
for up to 30 days. Continued use of the unregistered program after the
30 day trial period is a violation of our license.
* Discounts on future EnVision Publisher versions.
* EnVision Publisher Plus does not show the registration reminder screen
upon program startup, and the registration reminder messages do not
appear anywhere in the program or in the documentation.


The "Pro" version of EnVision Publisher offers all the above benefits
available with the "Plus", but in addition it comes with 124 scalable
fonts, it has more clipart, more templates, and it has the ability to
create very large documents - up to 2500 pages per document. (EnVision
Publisher Plus supports documents of up to 120 pages per document).


To register and receive EnVision Publisher Plus or EnVision Publisher Pro,
select "Registration form" from the Help menu, fill out the form, then
click on the "Print registration form" button at the bottom of the order
form. Make sure that your printer is turned on before you print. Finally,
mail the form to the address printed on it. We accept VISA, MasterCard,
checks drawn on a U.S.A. bank, or international postal money orders drawn
in U.S.A. currency. Alternatively, you can also print the registration form
below, fill it out, and mail it to us with your payment. If you pay with Visa
or Master Card, you can also register by calling our order desk toll free at
1-800-388-8474. You can also fax the form to us at 813-541-5616. If you are
a CompuServe user, you can E-mail your order to us at account: 70304,64
If you plan to use EnVision Publisher in a multiuser environment, please
call us for site license details.


If you live in the U.S.A. or Canada, please register by sending your
registration form with payment directly to Software Vision at the address
shown on the form, or by calling 1-800-388-8474 or 813-545-4354, or
FAX 813-541-5616. You can skip this section, and go to the end of this
file, for the registration form.
If you live outside the U.S.A. or Canada, you can either register directly
with us, or with one of our International representatives. You will be
able to pay for the registration in your country's own currency. Most of
our representatives will also be able to help you with your technical
support questions. Below are listed our international representatives:

Australia, New Zealand
9 Camford St., Milton, Qld 4064 Australia
Orders (008) 777 601
Support (07) 368 2366
Australia prices:
EnVision Publisher Plus: $99 + $5 shipping
EnVision Publisher Pro: $249 + $5 shipping
In New Zealand call Auckland 3600 800
New Zealand prices:
EnVision Publisher Plus: $149 + GST + $5 shipping
EnVision Publisher Pro: $349 + GTS + $5 shipping
United Kingdom, Ireland
Transend Registrations Ltd.
Moorview Business Park, Leeds Road,
Thackley, Bradford BD10 8JH, United Kingdom
Tel: (0274) 622228
FAX: (0274) 620774
EnVision Publisher Plus: 49 + VAT + p&p
EnVision Publisher Pro: 99 + VAT + p&p
The Netherlands and BENELUX
HaSa Software Applications
P.O. Box 1144
9701 BC Groningen
The Netherlands
Tel: (+31)-50-183233
Fax: (+31)-50-188117
CompuServe: 100115,542
EnVision Publisher Plus: HFI. 169,50 (excl. verzendkosten)
EnVision Publisher Pro: HFI. 274,50 (excl. verzendkosten)
Wij accepteren: EuroCard, MasterCard, American Express,
Diners Club, Cheques, Giro, C.O.D.
Germany, Austria, Switzerland
We have two distribuitors in Germany:
1) Pearl Agency
Am Kalischacht 4
W-7845 Buggingen
Tel: 07631 12091-9
Fax: 07631 12008-9
CIS: 71333,2060
EnVision Publisher Plus mit deutschen Handbuch: nur DM 98
EnVision Publisher Pro mit deutschen Handbuch: nur DM 228

2) CDV Software
Postfach 2749, Ettlingerstr. 5,
7500 Karlsruhe 1 Germany
Tel: 0721 97224-0
Fax: 0721 21314
EnVision Publisher Plus: DM 129 + Shipping DM 10 = DM 139
EnVision Publisher Pro : DM 249 + Shipping DM 10 = DM 259
Demnachst erhalten Sie zum EnVision Publisher auch ein
ausfuhrliches deutsches Handbuch. - Registrierte Anwender
werden automatisch benachrichtigt und konnen dann zum
Selbstkostenpreis bestellen. Greifen Sie zu - diese
Programm ist zu diesem Preis nicht mehr zu uberbieten.
Pearl Diffusion
11 Rue Andre
Kiener 68000
Colmar, France
EnVision Publisher Plus 350 FF
EnVision Publisher Pro 690 FF
Denmark, Sweden, Norway
Registreret version af EnVision Publisher leveres i Danmark, Norge
og Sverige fra:
Prof. Shareware
Benloese Skel 4 G
DK-4100 Ringsted
Tlf.: 53 61 90 42
Fax.: 53 61 93 91
BBS.: 57 67 17 47 (Hent gratis den sidste nye version af EnVision).
Vi anviser forhandlere i Norge og Sverige. (We assign dealers in Norway
and Sweden).
Priser i Danmark:
Programversion Pris u. MOMS MOMS. 25% Porto Ialt
Envision Publisher Plus 435,00 108,75 35,00 578,75
EnVision Publisher Pro 1065,00 266,25 35,00 1366,25
Registrerede brugere af EnVision Publisher kan kobe en oversat dansk
tutorial, 32 sider. Bogen koster kr. 40,00 inclusiv MOMS. Sporg ogsa
efter eksempler pa layouts og andet.

EnVision Publisher Registration Form

Name:____________________________ Company:________________



State/Province:________________ ZIP/Postal code:__________

Country:_______________________ Telephone:________________

EnVision Publisher Plus..........$69 _____ _______

EnVision Publisher Pro...........$169 _____ _______

Subtotal (add the TOTAL column above)---------->_______

7% Florida sales tax (if applicable)----------->_______

Shipping ($5 USA & Canada, $12 international)-->_______

TOTAL (add the Subtotal, Tax, and Shipping)====>_______
Method of payment: [ ] Check or money order
[ ] Visa, [ ] Master Card

Credit Card number:______________________________

Expiration:___/___ Signature____________________
Disk size: [ ] 5.25" 360k, [ ] 3.5" 720k
Mail this form to:
Software Vision Corporation
PO Box 1734, Pinellas Park, FL 34664-1734, U.S.A.
Telephone: 813-545-4354
Credit card holders can also register by calling our toll free
order desk at: 1-800-388-8474. You can also fax this order
form to us at 813-541-5616. If you are a CompuServe user, you
can also E-mail your order to us at account number: 70304,64
International orders see "International sales" in Help menu.

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