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Xywrite program converts files to Ventura Publisher format.
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Xywrite program converts files to Ventura Publisher format.
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Contents of the TEXTPREP.DOC file

This is a XyWrite or Nota Bene routine for preparing files to be imported into Ventura Publisher. From the command line of the word processor, type RUN TEXTPREP.PGM and the following changes will occur in the file currently in memory:

1. Change all two-spaces to one.
ci \ \ \

2. Change all underlining to to start italics and

3. change the end of underlining to to end it.

4. Change all beginning quotes to <169> and
ci \ "\ <169>\

5. Change all ending quotes to <170>
ci \"\<170>\

6. Change all -- [em dash] to <197>
ci \--\<197>\

7. Eliminate paragraph indents
ip 0,0

8. Bullets to <195>
ci \\<195>\

9. Single quote marks become right
ci \ '\ `\

10. Ellipses become <193>
ci \. . .\<193>\

The codes inside brackets are familiar to Ventura only. The new 2.0 version of Ventura will make some of these changes when it imports files from word processors (I believe two spaces after punctuation will become one in Ventura). But TEXTPREP.PGM will save you a good bit of other mouse activity, especially italics.

Note that the program does not remove tabs, even though they are a nuisance in Ventura. The likelihood is that you will want your tabs preserved.

Steve Board (ID0157)
December 4, 1988

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