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More graphics for Word Perfect 5.0.
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More graphics for Word Perfect 5.0.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CAVOL003.CAT 23223 6156 deflated
FRIDAY.WPG 1530 614 deflated
MONDAY.WPG 1713 618 deflated
MONEY.WPG 296 163 deflated
PLIERS.WPG 2392 675 deflated
READ.ME 576 329 deflated
SATURDAY.WPG 1958 760 deflated
SUNDAY.WPG 1606 630 deflated
THURSDAY.WPG 2034 773 deflated
TUESDAY.WPG 1749 669 deflated
WEDNESDA.WPG 2285 857 deflated
WRKMAN1.WPG 4245 1308 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Clip Art for WordPerfect 5.0

This collection of clip art for WordPerfect 5.0 is your's to use
freely to enhance your documents. For an overview of the images
print out file CAVOL###.CAT [you must have WordPerfect 5.0 to
print this file].

You are free to distribute this file as long as there is no
charge of any kind involved [including the cost of distribution -
This is CourtesyWare, a courtesy to you, make it a curtesy to
others]. All files found in this archive must be distributed

CourtesyWare - courtesy of the GEnie WordPerfect RoundTable.

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