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Graphics for Word Perfect 5.0.
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Graphics for Word Perfect 5.0.
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Contents of the BKSHELF2.DOC file


This file is a sample graphic from LASER-ART, Volume One, which
is in research & development. This graphic is 100% compatable with
Ventura Publisher(R) and ZSOFT's Publisher's Paintbrush(TM). It may not,
however, be compatable with all Laser Printers. The resolution is set at
300 DPI. To use the file simply call it up from VP. For your information:

SIZE :3.63W x 1.17H inches
:1088W x 350H pels

For additional details on LASER-ART contact
Rogers & Blake, PO Box 65, Haverhill, MA 01831 - (617)374-7951 [voice]
(617)373-2204 [ BBS ] 300 / 1200 / 2400 B N-8-1 24 HRs Mon - Sun

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