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AmiPro 3.0 macro to print chart with all available fonts on it.
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AmiPro 3.0 macro to print chart with all available fonts on it.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Font Chart Macro for Ami Pro 3.0


This archive contains an Ami Pro macro that, when played, will
make a chart of samples of all of the fonts available to Ami Pro.
When printed, this chart is handy for comparing the various
available fonts to find the right one for a particular job.


If you have used the default directories created by the Ami Pro
installation procedure, copy the file FONTSHOW.SMM in this
archive to your \AMIPRO\MACROS directory.


Select the "Tools" menu, then the "Macros" submenu, then
"Playback...", then select the file FONTSHOW.SMM. This macro
will then create a new document containing the chart of fonts,
ready for viewing and/or printing.


This macro is a slight modification I did to a macro originally
uploaded to Compuserve as PRTFON.ZIP by 76702,1125. Since there
was no author's name in the original macro, I don't know who to
credit for doing all the hard work in the first place!

Gordon Brandly (Compuserve: 70147,1612)

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