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Clipart for Ventura Publishing.
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Clipart for Ventura Publishing.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANUBIS.IMG 14122 2665 deflated
BOAR.IMG 5344 3212 deflated
CLIPART.TXT 640 359 deflated
EIFFEL.IMG 34580 15197 deflated
FISH.IMG 6074 2942 deflated
MOVIE.IMG 19056 6859 deflated
PILLORY.IMG 21920 8019 deflated
PLOVER.IMG 10056 5667 deflated
PORKPINE.IMG 17304 11688 deflated
PTERODKL.IMG 13374 6302 deflated
PUMPKIN.IMG 8560 4856 deflated

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Contents of the CLIPART.TXT file


These IMG files are compatible with Ventura Publisher. If you
like the quality and can use them somehow, feel free to do so.
If you have any requests or need clip art of a specific nature,
we will do our best to help you. Send requests to:

Joel Wright
1132 E. Crosstown Pkwy.
Kalamazoo, Mi. 49001

P.S.- If you do like the clip-art and would like to recieve a
disk with 25 more, send me $15.00 and the format you would like
it in. (.CUT , .IMG) Other formats on request.

Thank you!

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