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A VP utility for editing style sheets.
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A VP utility for editing style sheets.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

The StyList manual contained in STYLIST.ARC can be printed with Ventura
Publisher(R) 1.1 or 2.0. If you have expanded STYLIST.ARC to a floppy
disk in drive A, you're ready to open STYLIST.CHP and print the manual.

If the STYLIST files are elsewhere, e.g., on rigid drive C, you'll need
to put a blank floppy in drive A and copy all the files from STYLIST.ARC
to this disk. You'll then be able to open and print STYLIST.CHP.

To save considerable space, there is no width table file STYLIST.ARC.
If Ventura Publisher(R) reports the width table not present, please
ignore the message.

STYLIST.CHP has been prepared to print on any PostScript printer, on the
HP LaserJet, and most other Ventura Publisher(R) compatible printers
without modification. "Standard" fonts (e.g., 12 pt. Swiss and Times)
have been used throughout to make the manual as generic as possible.

Please be sure to read the STYLIST License Agreement covering the free
trial period and license fee.

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