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More clipart for Ventura.
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More clipart for Ventura.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ART36_1.PCC 4363 1690 deflated
ART36_10.PCC 3493 966 deflated
ART36_11.PCC 6096 1929 deflated
ART36_12.PCC 3235 472 deflated
ART36_13.PCC 3191 625 deflated
ART36_2.PCC 2332 677 deflated
ART36_3.PCC 5593 2235 deflated
ART36_4.PCC 4304 1583 deflated
ART36_5.PCC 6151 2210 deflated
ART36_6.PCC 2260 640 deflated
ART36_7.PCC 2082 490 deflated
ART36_8.PCC 3211 869 deflated
ART36_9.PCC 4711 1893 deflated
ARTMART.DOC 2107 1071 deflated
ARTMART.LST 768 279 deflated

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Contents of the ARTMART.DOC file


Clip Art for Desk Top Publishing

ART MART is a collection of non-copyrighted art for use in Desk
Top publishing. This small .ARC file is a collection of 13
pieces designed as a sample of the type of clip art available.
Several others, with approximately 250 separate pieces, have been
collected, edited and stored in .ARC files by group. If it
appears that there is any need for this type of material, they
will be posted.


Most of the clips in the ART MART collection have been obtained
from commercial Clip Art books, mainly from Dover Press. The
Dover books all contain a paragraph which states:

Advertisers, graphic designers and craftspeople cam make
free use of the material in this book without securing
permission. The only restriction is that you can not
republish this book as a whole, or in substantial part.

Since I have used, at most, 10% of any book, I feel that I am
obeying all copyright laws. You, however, are to make your own


The various pieces of clip art were cut from the books and
catalogs, glued onto a piece of non-reproducing blue paper and
scanned by a Dest PC Scan Plus, using Dest's PUBSPAC software.
The clips were saved as a PCPaintbrush Plus cut out file (.PCC).
Most of the clips were then edited using PCPaintbrush Plus in
order to get horizontal and vertical lines straight, clean up
glue marks, etc. The edited files were then resaved, again as
.PCC files.


The scanning was done on an IBM XT with an EGA card. The files
were edited on an AT&T 6300 monochrome monitor, which was much
easier to work on. The resulting .PCC files can be read directly
by Aldus' PageMaker and, I think, by Ventura Publisher. I do not
know if then can be edited further by any machine other than the
two mentioned.

Good Luck. If the files are used I will upload more. A complete
index is available and will be uploaded if there appears to be a
need for it.

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