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Ventura chapter with label setup.
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Ventura chapter with label setup.
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Contents of the 12LABELS.DOC file

12LABELS.EXE (c) Sid Rogers 1988
Version 0.01

12 Labels Documentation


12 Labels is an executable program designed to prepare a compendium of
floppy disk directories, in text format, for import into Ventura Pub-
lisher(R), version 1.1. The executable program, which must be used on
an IBM(R) or compatible computer, reads the directory of a floppy disk
placed in drive A, creates separate, sequentially numbered, label files
and prepares the text for importation.

A Ventura Publisher (VP) Publication, including chapter, style sheet,
and width table, is provided. The chapter is designed to accept 12 "disk"
directories, which were prepared and properly formated in the VP manner.


The following is the minimum system requirement:

IBM or compatible computer
1 Floppy Disk drive
1 Hard Drive
Laser printer
Approximately 64K of free memory
Approximately 100K of free hard disk space


The following are the minimum software requirements:

Ventura Publisher, Version 1.1
6pt Century Schoolbook soft font
- or -
6pt Swiss soft Font
12Labels.EXE * Supplied *
12Labels.PUB * Supplied *
12Labels.CHP * Supplied *
12Labels.STY * Supplied *
12Labels.CIF * Supplied *
12Labels.WID * Supplied *
12Labels.DOC * Supplied *


The following is the minimum printing stock requirement:

Dennison PRES-a-ply(R) label sheets
8.5"x11.0" (No.43-563)
[ Available from most Office Supply companies ]

--- more ---

12LABELS.EXE Copyright(c) Sid Rogers 1988 page 2


Install 12Labels.exe in any hard drive sub-directory by using the DOS
copy command.

Copy the Ventura chapter and *.cif file, style sheet and width table to
a floppy disk in drive A.

OPTION: Then use Ventura's multi-chapter function to copy the
entire 12Labels.PUB to any other location.

Remove the 12Labels.Chp floppy and start the 12Labels.exe program by
typing "12Labels" plus .

The program will prompt you to insert a floppy disk in Drive A. Then hit
"C" or to read the Drive A directory. Then program will read the
disk and create a file called DISK.nn, where nn is a number from 1 to 99.
After the file is formatted to VP specs you'll be prompted to insert
another floppy disk. Simply repeat until you've read all the disks you
wish to label.

Hit or "Q" at anytime to end the session.

A directory listing all "Disk.nn" files will be displayed upon exit.

Start VP, return the 12labels.PUB disk to Drive A and open the
12Labels.Chp. Choose file options to LOAD TEXT, ASCII, SEVERAL. Select
the directory where the disk.nn files are stored and select the first 12
disks. Then select OK.

Use the frame tool to select the Upper left hand box. Move the mouse to
the text box and place the pointer over disk.1. Click the mouse and the
first directory will load into the frame. Repeat until all 12 disk.nn
files are loaded into separate frames.

Select File/print option. Select manual feed and load printer with
a single 8.5"x11" Dennison label sheet. Hit enter or click "okay"
with mouse. In a few seconds your 12labels will emerge.

That's about all there is to it!

--- more ---

12LABELS.EXE Copyright(c) Sid Rogers 1988 page 3


Please send any constructive comments to:

Sid Rogers
P.O.BOX 65
Haverhill, MA 01831


Call our 24 hour BBS at (617)373-2204
300/1200/2400 Baud
[no parity, 8 bits, 1 stop]
FIDONET 322/120


This program SHOULD work any any IBM or compatable computer
with the system requirements as stated above. We do NOT
warrant that this program is suitable for any other system
or purpose whatsoever.


While this program runs on our system, we can not guarantee it
will function elsewhere. Users run this program at their own risk.
Rogers & Blake or Sid Rogers will not be responsible for any
loss, delays or equipment failures due to running 12labels.exe or
the associated Ventura Publisher(tm) Style Sheets or Doc file.


This program is neither freeware nor demoware; it is copyright
protected under all applicable laws. Sid Rogers reserves ALL
RIGHTS. This program and the style sheets may not be sold or
altered in any way, shape or form. Users may post ONLY complete
packages on electronic bulletin boards. All copyright notices
MUST remain intact.


Anyone who sends comments or suggestions for improvement to ROGERS &
BLAKE is considered a BETA TESTER.


Those who use the program and style sheets without sending comments
to ROGERS & BLAKE are considered USERS.


Users are EXPECTED to register. The registration fee is $5. Please
remit to ROGERS & BLAKE, P.O.Box 65, Haverhill, MA 01830. The only
EXCEPTION is for BETA TESTERS who may, after sending their comments
to ROGERS & BLAKE, use the program freely with the understanding
ALL RIGHTS are still reserved.

----- End of File -----

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