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Ami Pro Text files describing new features and how to fix the print envelope bug - for version 3 of Ami Pro.
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Ami Pro Text files describing new features and how to fix the print envelope bug – for version 3 of Ami Pro.
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Contents of the AP9398.TXT file

TITLE: How to Make Changes and Adjustments for Print Envelope
PRODUCT: Ami Pro 3.0
DATE: 21-Aug-1992


The address does not print or prints on the wrong side on an envelope with
some printers. The Print Envelope feature always prints envelopes through a
manual feed slot or tray. How can adjustments be made to the Print Envelope


The print envelope feature places address lines at a position that is
appropriate for the printer driver being used for the document. When a driver
is used that is not the same as the printer (as in the case of a printer
emulation mode), the printer may orient placement of text on envelopes
differently than the printer it is emulating. In these cases, adjustments
need to be made for the print envelope feature. Such adjustments can be made
by editing the AMIPRO2.INI file.

Ami Pro writes the default settings for the print envelope feature to the
AMIPRO2.INI file located in the Windows directory the first time you print an
envelope. You can change the default feed bin, the default orientation, and
the default position for the addresses by editing this file.
1. Using Windows Notepad or another ASCII file text editor, open the
2. Locate the [ENVUSER] section of the file.
3. Make the desired changes based on the following information. The
descriptions below list the default settings and explain any changes
that can be made.

IMPORTANT: When you make a change in the [ENVUSER] section of the
AMIPRO2.INI file, Ami Pro creates a new section in AMIPRO2.INI for the
printer that is being used at the time. For example, if you change the
forcebin default for an HP LaserJet series II printer, Ami Pro creates
a [HP LaserJet series II] section in the AMIPRO2.INI file. The next
time you want to modify the settings for that printer, locate the [HP
LaserJet series II] section and make the desired changes. Do not
continue making changes to the [ENVUSER] section once a section for
your printer has been created.

Ami Pro defaults to the manual feed option when printing envelopes
(envfeed=NO). If your printer has an envelope feed bin, you can change
this option to 1 to print envelopes from the envelope feed bin. Change
the envfeed option to read envfeed=1. Note: Changing to envfeed=1
modifies the Print Envelope feature to use the bin that corresponds to
the "Envelope" paper source option in the Windows printer driver setup.
If you need to specify a particular bin, use the forcebin option
described below. Setting a forcebin number will override envfeed=1
modifying the Print Envelope feature to use the bin corresponding to
the specified number in forcebin.

Ami Pro defaults to landscape orientation (vertshift=NO). If you want
to change the landscape position of the envelope as it feeds into the
printer, the vertshift option can be changed to either CENTER, LEFT, or
RIGHT (vertshift=CENTER, vertshift=LEFT, or vertshift=RIGHT).
Generally the orientation can be determined by looking at the direction
in which envelopes are fed. If envelopes are inserted in the center of
a manual tray slot or automatic tray, use the CENTER option. If
envelopes are fed into the right side of a manual feed or automatic
tray, use the RIGHT option. If envelopes are fed into the left side of
a manual feed or automatic tray, use the LEFT option. Note: If
envelopes are fed into the rear of the printer, right and left are
determined by the position of the manual feed or automatic tray as it
would be positioned at the front of the printer (imagine moving the
rear feed 180 degrees to the front). If you are uncertain about the
direction in which envelopes are fed, try the option that seems correct
to you. If the addresses still do not print correctly on the envelope,
edit AMIPRO2.INI and change the vertshift option to the opposite
direction. If you want to change to portrait orientation, change the
vertshift option to read vertshift=PORTRAIT.

If the addresses print too far to the right on the envelopes using
landscape orientation, and you want to change the position, change the
horzshift option to read horzshift=YES. This setting will move the
address approximately 1.5" to the left.

The print envelope feature defaults to printing envelopes manually fed.
Even if the Windows printer driver is set to a different paper source,
the print envelope feature will print envelopes as manually fed. You
can specify a different paper source for Print Envelope by changing the
forcebin option. Bins (paper sources) are identified by a number
(usually between 0 and 7). These numbers are assigned by the Windows
printer driver. Since these numbers do not appear in the printer
driver setup, you can run the macro PRTINFO.SMM to ascertain the
numbers for your printer. This macro is available electronically from
the Lotus WPD bulletin board at 404-395-7707 or from library 3 [Ami
Pro/Lotus Write] of the LotusWP CompuServe forum. Download the file
PRTINF.EXE from either location. The macro can also be obtained on
disk from the Lotus WPD customer service department. Call 404-399-5505
and ask for the PRTINFO.SMM macro. Once you have obtained the macro,
copy it to the Ami Pro macros directory (this is usually
C:\AMIPRO\MACROS). Run the macro by choosing Tools / Macros /
Playback. Select the name PRTINFO from the Macros list box and choose
OK. The macro displays a dialog box showing the bin numbers available
for your printer.
4. After all desired changes have been made, save and close the file.

1. If you use a dot matrix printer and some characters of the return address
do not print, you can add an increase in the alignment indention of the
~AMIENV style sheet.
a. Choose File / New.
b. Select ~AMIENV from the "Style sheet for new document" list box and
choose OK.
c. Choose Style / Modify Style.
d. Select the style Return in the "Style" list box.
e. Choose Alignment under Modify.
f. Specify a number for the "All" indent that will allow all of the return
address text to print.
g. Choose OK.
h. Choose Style / Save as a Style Sheet.
i. Choose OK.
2. If you want to change the font for envelopes, repeat the steps above
except choose Font in step e. At step f, specify the desired font face,
size, or other attributes for the font, then choose Save. Select the
Recipient style if you want to change the font for the addressee's address
and make the desired font changes. Repeat steps g - i to save the style

Note: Page layout changes should not be made to the ~AMIENV style sheet.

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