Paradox DBMS

PARADOX Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
AJEMNU.ZIP15068Apr 3 1989Paradox Menuing system.
AREA-PDX.ZIP2179Aug 20 1992Areacode database for Paradox 4.0.
ASCIIREF.ZIP1486Oct 26 1990Paradox 3.0 script that pops up a quick ASCII code reference.
ASDEL.ZIP2590May 6 1989Paradox code that will ask user if they really want to delete a record if the delete key is pressed. Works in interactive mode.
AUTINC.ZIP14158Jun 26 1989Very nice file that shows multiple ways of creating a self-incrementing key using Paradox's PAL language.
AUTOINCR.ZIP1988Dec 28 1990Paradox script for an automatically-incremented field (e.g., invoice number).
AXEDIT.ZIP13692Mar 7 1989Paradox scripts to link an Editor an Maintain Libraries.
AZCONFIG.ZIP27554Mar 6 1988Paradox Script that documents your CFG files.
AZDEL.ZIP2590May 6 1989Paradox setkey utility to verify use of Delete key.
BASBAL.ZIP52669Feb 18 1987Would you believe an entire trivia game about Baseball written in Paradox? Thousands of questions. Must have Paradox to run.
BRF4PD.ZIP930Mar 13 1989Use Brief Editor with Paradox.
BRIEF.ZIP4378May 12 1988Paradox utility to use Brief as PAL editor.
BUTTONS.ZIP22195Feb 10 1993Borland Technical Information note on using buttons in Paradox for Windows.
CALCULTR.ZIP3376Nov 11 1990A short, simple PAL Procedure which pops up a calculator pad and returns a total to a Field or Program Variable.
COMBINE.ZIP132938Jul 11 1991Paradox PAL code to combine the contents of two tables to a single keyed table.
COMMLIB.ZIP11450Dec 23 1991A library of usefull Paradox routines. Used for building applications. Permission to use code granted where copyright notice is reproduced. Of special interest: do_it_right(), an enhanced do_it!.
COPYLI.ZIP34148Jan 12 1989Copy a line of a Paradox report to another location.
COPYVAL.ZIP3158Dec 22 1991Copy val check set from one table to another in Paradox PAL.
CORUPT.ZIP1812Nov 2 1989A discussion on how Paradox tables can become corrupt.
CROUTES.ZIP118235Dec 7 1988Access Paradox tables with C routines. Does not access through indexs.
CUSTID.ZIP12719Sep 20 1990David Kelton's Smart-Key demo (PAL). Creates a customer ID key field from last & first name with 2-digit tie-breaker.
DANUT4.ZIP9941Sep 6 1992Some of Dan Paolini's useful PAL utilities and procedures for Paradox 4.0.
DANUTL.ZIP119620Apr 23 1991Excellent Paradox 3.X source code for windows: Paradox-style, exploding, pull down, pop up, and pick lists; plus good error control routines, etc.
DEFDAT.ZIP6861Jul 14 1989Paradox data files of areacodes and states.
DEL_DUPS.ZIP1181Jan 14 1993A Paradox PAL script that will delete Duplicate Records from any DB.
DLIST.ZIP8641Mar 18 1989Directory navigation aid for Paradox.
DLJPACK.ZIP8948May 17 1988Utility for Paradox 2.0. Packs more info on a screen.
DTAFND.ZIP77319Sep 8 1989Demo version of DataFinder. This TSR allows you to view, search, and cut+paste Paradox files.
EXPLODE.ZIP1454Apr 14 1989Paradox procedure that writes an "exploding" window to the PAL canvas in a user specified color and size. Full source included.
EXWIN.ZIP1454Apr 14 1989Exploding colored windows for Paradox.
FAMFIX.ZIP12457Jan 25 1991Utility to fix Paradox family files that were corrupted via the DOS COPY command instead of using {Tools}{Copy}{Whatever}.
FLIMPRT3.ZIP52004Aug 25 1990Fixed Length (space delimited) Paradox Import Utility. Version 3.0.
FONE.ZIP3388Dec 21 1992This is a simple echo dialer written in PAL which features telephone number editing. It allows acronyms as well as numeric formats. It is called like any other subroutine using the communications port number and phone numb
FORTUNE0.ZIP24649Jun 24 1990Paradox script and table for a "Fortune Cookie" type procedure. Contains PAL code and demo script.
GETPRO.ZIP37461Sep 2 1988Paradox utility to manage libraries.
GETPROCS.ZIP32513Aug 5 1988Generates table that contains all you procedures in your Paradox scripts.
GOLD13.ZIP44023Mar 19 1992Collection of Paradox utilities.
IMPEXP.ZIP29598Dec 17 1987Text article on Paradox Import/Export.
JTDIAL21.ZIP9245May 20 1989Allows dialing of a phone number from within Paradox.
LANTAS.ZIP2224Feb 22 1991How to install Paradox 3.5 on Lantastic network.
LOCKS.ZIP5396Dec 15 1987A good explanation of how Paradox manages lock files on a network.
MAINT.ZIP2431Jan 10 1988Paradox maintaince scripts. Packs DB's, and logs when scripts ran.
MEMMGT.ZIP2148Oct 9 1987Technical information on Paradox memory mangement. Written in reference to Paradox 1.0, but most still applies to 2.0 and 3.0.
MRP.ZIP46106Nov 23 1988A sample Paradox applications with scripts and reports.
MTDEMO.ZIP103445May 30 1990Multi-table, Paradox database, tips & techniques.
NORMAL.ZIP5873Mar 26 1990Database Design and Normalization, a paper by Dan Ehrman. Explains principles of data-normalization in relational databases, with particular reference to Paradox.
OKKEY3.ZIP4834Jun 5 1989Paradox script to deal with duplicate key entry.
PARABR.ZIP11554Mar 1 1989Paradox script to use Brief as PAL editor.
PASSW3.ZIP14468Jun 20 1989Very nice password entry system for Paradox applications.
PBESWP.ZIP7985May 31 1989Excellent treatise on procedure swapping in Paradox by Alan Z. from his forthcoming book. If you use PAL read this.
PBSTRUCT.ZIP736Dec 13 1990Paradox database structure print-out utility.
PCLDATA.ZIP12618Sep 25 1991Paradax databases with information on HP's Printer Control Language.
PDEMD.ZIP194898Jun 10 1991Paragen demo application. Part 3 of 3.
PDOCD.ZIP66301Jul 9 1991Paragen documentation. Part 2 of 3.
PDOXAPP1.ZIP37923Apr 22 1988Sample Paradox application. Good for begining PAL programmers.
PDOXCALC.ZIP2874Feb 1 1993Calculator dialogbox procedure for Paradox 4.0. Source code.
PDOXHE.ZIP84028Dec 21 1988Popup Paradox PAL Help (not TSR).
PDOXPSWD.ZIP5153May 11 1988Paradox script that allows a user to change their TABLE password.
PDOXSHRT.ZIP16846Oct 9 1992Example files for Power Shortcuts, Paradox for Windows.
PDRP.ZIP2569May 16 1989Article about Paradox Developers Resource Program.
PDX2WP.ZIP162063Dec 5 1991PDX2WP is a pair of utilities used to translate Paradox tables to WordPerfect documents, or to translate WordPerfect secondary merge documents to Paradox tables.
PDXEDIT.ZIP40259Jun 19 1988Sample Paradox Table Editor. Enters text into a Paradox DB file.
PDXGTFLD.ZIP2970Mar 9 1992A really nice Paradox 3.5 proc that will Get a field from the screen and return keystroke. This is how Accept should work. Included is a sample script to show the use of getfield().
PGENW.ZIP130326Jul 9 1991Paragen generates classes to access the Paradox Engine from TCWIN. Part 1 of 3.
PIC-DB.ZIP1764Feb 10 1989Paradox table of useful Pictures.
PICTURES.ZIP3518May 7 1991PAL database of useful picture formats.
PMG.ZIP29933Apr 7 1991Paradox menu generator - very good. Includes Basic source code.
POPEYE.ZIP11556Dec 17 1990Paradox PAL script that pops up a pre-defined set of choices.
POPUP3.ZIP5126Jan 17 1989Modification of Paradox PopUp script to return record location.
POWERDOX.ZIP915426Oct 24 1990Powerdox example files from PCWorld book.
PPALDEMO.ZIP178137Aug 21 1992A fully functinonal demo of PaintPal - a utility for Paradox 4.0.
PPDSHEL.ZIP23239Apr 27 1989Allows Paradox to receive serial input while inside of a PAL script!.
PRGSTD.ZIP14897Aug 3 1992A discussion of programming standards for PAL (Paradox) programmers.
PRTSTR.ZIP799May 6 1989Simple Paradox script that will print a table's structure.
PRXP.ZIP89081Dec 5 1990PlayRightPro EDitor for Paradox PAL - Shareware demo version.
PUJAUG89.ZIP29758Aug 17 1989Source code and DB files from Paradox User's Journal. Aug 89.
PUJSEP89.ZIP32035Aug 17 1989Source code and DB files from Paradox User's Journal. Sep 89.
PUSER91.ZIP1287444Apr 9 1991Paradox Users' Conference 1991 sample apps and code. Plenty of examples from the experts.
PUTVAR.ZIP1143May 21 1988Paradox Procedure that will place a variable at an location on a Form.
PWDIALOG.ZIP86518Apr 15 1993Contains all PDOX/WIN Dialog Bitmaps.
PX2WP51B.ZIP2907Apr 23 1991Paradox to Word Perfect 5.0/5.1. Includes field names, merged directly without text in/text out.
PXDOC10.ZIP19545Jun 20 1988Paradox script documentation package.
PXSYST.ZIP114358Jun 16 1992Example application written in Paradox. Lots of good source code.
QBFORM.ZIP15661May 27 1994A Paradox for Windows 4.5 form that demonstrates the use of queries to mimic filtering.
QPDOX.ZIP11882Apr 3 1990Paradox macros for Qedit. Direct from the SEMware BBS.
REMARKS.ZIP10230Nov 21 1988Add "remarks" to a Paradox Table through this script.
RETKBETA.ZIP26423Feb 28 1990Demo of ad-hoc report generation from within a Paradox application.
RPTVAR.ZIP2346Oct 9 1987How to embed variables in Paradox reports.
SCEDIT.ZIP114144Mar 24 1991Excellent script editor for PAL scripts. Paradox like interface, but allows you the cursor movement commands missing from the PAL editor, smart indents, and many other features.
SCRIPTS.ZIP4217Oct 19 1990PAL sample scripts, useful for beginners.
SETMAX.ZIP2711Jul 29 1989An interesting text file concerning Paradox's SETMAX command by Alan Z.
SHOVAL.ZIP9964Mar 3 1986Display value checks on a Paradox table.
SPLASH.ZIP2714Jul 3 1989Paradox script that determines the monitor type and calls the appropriate "splash screen to begin an application.
STRUCT.ZIP31409Nov 8 1988Program in C to display Paradox table structure while in editor.
SV.ZIP127099Apr 29 1989Scriptview documentation shareware for Paradox scripts.
SVOUTP.ZIP38190Mar 5 1989Scriptview Paradox script documentor - Sample Output.
SWEEP1.ZIP7330Jul 27 1989Paradox script that will perform a "Zoom" on every field in a table. Handy for quickly searching an entire DB for a given string.
TECH91.ZIP108748Dec 9 1991All of borland's tech sheets on Paradox for 1991.
TIPPDX.ZIP1700Jan 1 1980This file contains some common Tips+Traps on using Paradox.
TOOLBOX.ZIP327187Jul 3 1992This is a set of user-friendly generic utilities (including both a demonstration and complete source code) to quickly and effortlessly prototype and design professional-looking systems in Paradox.
TUTIL3.ZIP26089Dec 21 1988Latest version of Tutility Table Rebuilder for Paradox. Fixes bugs.
TUTIL4.ZIP258273Dec 15 1992Paradox 4.0 Tutility: Fixes broken Pdox files.
VALPIC.ZIP3098Jan 6 1989Paradox PICS contibuted library.
WLPAPR.ZIP6027Mar 14 1987Paradox script that shows an interesting way to implement help.
X-TENDER.ZIP19742Aug 29 1988Paradox DBMS script. Provides added functions, and a menu system.
ZIP-PDX.ZIP300185Aug 20 1992Zipcode database for Paradox 4.0.
ZTKUTL.ZIP6527Jun 4 1988Very useful Paradox scripts for the DataEntry Toolkit.