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Program in C to display Paradox table structure while in editor.
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Program in C to display Paradox table structure while in editor.
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Contents of the STRUCT.DOC file

This program will allow you to view the structure of a Pdx file while editing
another file. The way to use it is to press F10 and type "struct" & return.
The structure program will kick in and ask for a table to view.

If it finds the table it will put the structure in a file called
"C:\Brief\Macros\Struct.viw". The program will then send you back into edit
mode in BRIEF and change the window to the Struct.viw file. From there you
can use the copy commands in BRIEF to import the Fieldnames into your program.

I have provided all the files necessary to make any changes you see fit.
I wrote the program in about 2 hours and put as much in it as I could. I may
make future revisions as time permits. If you make a change for the better,
I would like to know or even get a copy. For example, The output file for
the structure goes to C:\Brief\Macros.
I did this because I don't know your system setup. Most of you will want
to change this.

By the way, I used Turbo C 2.0 to make this program.
As to where the files go:

Struct.exe C:\Brief\Macros
Struct.m C:\Brief\Macros C:\Brief\Macros

The rest wherever you want....
You can reach me via CompuServe for questions or comments.

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