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Scriptview Paradox script documentor - Sample Output.
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Scriptview Paradox script documentor – Sample Output.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

ScriptView(tm) Sample Output Files

This file contains sample output from ScriptView, the Advanced
Development and Analysis System for Paradox. Action diagrams,
call diagrams, procedure reports, and variable concordances are
demonstrated. The final output file, FINAL.RPT, was generated
for printing on an HP LaserJet Series II (font 9, 80 lines/inch,
132 char width).

The output was created by submitting a project table to
ScriptView for processing. This table contained a list of all
the scripts belonging to this project. (A project table can
be created easily within Paradox using Create [Table].)

The examples for this output were taken from the samples
included with the Paradox 3.0 demonstration scripts. The following
scripts were used :,,,,, The main (driving) script is,
while the rest are used to create procedure libraries.

To see how easy it is to document your entire application, use
Paradox to modify the table DEMO.DB contained in this archive.
Change the paths for each script in the table to point to the
location you're storing the Paradox demo scripts ( or delete all
the records and insert the names of your own scripts!); then run
ScriptView. Continue by following the directions in the ScriptView
manual and you're done!

For more information, please call (201) 659 - 7613, or to
order, call toll free (800) 336 - 6644.

Farpoint Systems Corporation
Washington and York Street
P. O. Box 13093
Jersey City, New Jersey 07303

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