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Copy a line of a Paradox report to another location.
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Copy a line of a Paradox report to another location.
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Contents of the COPYLINE.DOC file

COPYLINE.SC Version 1.0. January 10, 1989.
(c) 1989 by Information Center Associates

COPYLINE.SC is a Paradox script which copies a line on a report
spec from one part of the report to another.
COPYLINE.SC exactly duplicates the entire line: The
text, the fields, the field formats, etc. In
addition it will (at your option) convert regular
fields into summary fields, or vice versa, as it
copies them.

Registration Information

Information Center Associates, the developer of COPYLINE.SC, is
distributing COPYLINE.SC as "shareware." What this means is:
You may use this software and provide copies to others. If you
find it useful, we encourage you to register your copy. The
registration fee is $25. In return for your registration fee,
we will send you the "full" version of COPYLINE.SC, which is
described below.

Please send registrations to:

Information Center Associates
901-A N. Pacific Coast Highway
Suite 200
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

CompuServe # 75530,332
MCI-Mail # 348-7059

California residents, please add 6.5% sales tax.

The "full" version of COPYLINE.SC, which we will send to registered
users, has several advantages over the version you have now:

(1) The "full" version includes the "source" code for the
script. In other words, you can read the PAL script that
performs the COPYLINE function, and modify it if you like.
(The version you have now is "encrypted," so you can execute
it but you can't read it.)

(2) The "full" version runs faster. When you start the version
you have now, you'll see a delay of several seconds, while
the message "One Moment Please..." flashes on the screen.
With the "full" version, there is no such delay.
(In PAL terminology: the "full" version includes a
procedure library, so the procedures can be executed

(3) By paying the registration fee you encourage us, and other
PAL developers, to develop similar products. COPYLINE.SC is
a complex piece of work, and took quite some time to
develop. Would you like to see more products like this in
the future? Then please support these shareware products!

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Brian J. Smith, President
Information Center Associates


Instructions for using COPYLINE.SC

While you are in the Paradox "Report-Design" or "Report-Change" mode:

(1) Press [Alt-F10]
(2) Select "Play" from the menu.
(3) Type in COPYLINE as the name of the script, and press [Enter]
(4) Follow the instructions that appear at the top of the screen.

If something goes wrong, remember you can always cancel your report
design by pressing [F10] and selecting CANCEL from the menu. (Also,
if COPYLINE causes a problem, please let us know.) This restores
your report to the way it was before you began changing it. And
please remember to always make backup copies of all your Paradox
files, including data tables and reports.


To print these instructions on your printer,
type in the following DOS command:



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