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Paradox script and table for a "Fortune Cookie" type procedure. Contains PAL code and demo script.
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Paradox script and table for a “Fortune Cookie” type procedure. Contains PAL code and demo script.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COOKIE.DB 51392 15629 deflated
DEMO.SC 728 340 deflated
FORTUNE.DOC 928 474 deflated
FORTUNE.LIB 7070 3744 deflated
FORTUNE.SC 1733 769 deflated
STRUCT.DB 1229 118 deflated

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Contents of the FORTUNE.DOC file

**** FORTUNE.SC Chuck Gafvert Version 1.0 6/24/90 ****

FORTUNE.SC is a version of the old fortune cookie program written
Paradox style. It was developed for users who were accustomed to
that feature on a mini-computer application that was being
superceded by a new PC based Paradox database application.

Feel free to modify the application for your particular needs. I
simply ask that the file FORTUNE0.ZIP is distributed with no

The fortunes contained in Cookie.db are a compilation of quotes and
sayings obtained from various "Quote of the Day" and "Fortune Cookie"
programs found on the Programmer's Corner BBS - (301) 995-3744 or
(301) 596-1180. Questions and comments can be directed to me on that

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