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Paradax databases with information on HP's Printer Control Language.
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Paradax databases with information on HP’s Printer Control Language.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BOLDNESS.DB 1225 393 deflated
GREYS.DB 1225 243 deflated
LPI.DB 1225 239 deflated
PAGESIZE.DB 1225 318 deflated
PATTERNS.DB 1225 319 deflated
PATTERNS.R 1941 244 deflated
PCL.DB 35225 3981 deflated
PCL.R1 4561 543 deflated
PCL.R2 4997 574 deflated
RASRES.DB 1225 241 deflated
READ.ME 1182 545 deflated
SOURCES.DB 1225 405 deflated
SYMBOLS.DB 2249 584 deflated
TYPEFACE.DB 1225 305 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

This diskette contains Paradox databases with information on HP's
PCL (Printer Control Language) and printers which support various
commands. Note that a printer may support a command but not all
possible parameters. For an obvious example, the LaserJet series
have no tractor feed option so you cannot select continuous paper
for them. Changes, additions, and corrections gratefully accepted.

Chris Nelson
5 Elm Place
Troy, NY 12180

CIS: 70441,3321
Internet: [email protected]


pcl.db PCL commands and many printers supporting them
pcl.r1 Report in LaserJet Manual format
pcl.r2 Report by PCL Level

boldness.db Values for boldness of text
greys.db Valid grey-scale levels
lpi.db Valid lines per inch values
pagesize.db Page sizes
patterns.db Fill patterns
rasres.db Raster resolutions
sources.db Paper sources
symbols.db Symbol sets
typeface.db Typefaces

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