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Utility for Paradox 2.0. Packs more info on a screen.
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Utility for Paradox 2.0. Packs more info on a screen.
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DJLPack/ImgPak -- Version 1.02 -- 5/17/88

These procs (mainly the proc DJLPack) pack images horizontally, that
is, reduce column widths to a reasonable minimum so as many columns as
possible will appear on the screen at once. This is especially useful
for temporary tables and queries where the trouble needed to reduce
column widths scarcely seems worth the effort, especially if it has to
be repeated frequently. DJLPack can also be used to pack ordinary
permanent tables, though it does not totally handle numeric columns
that require display of decimal points.

As a suggestion, I've set up three alt-key combinations to maximize the
usefulness of this kind of packing, using a fragment to be placed in
one's Init.Sc. With this configuration packs the current
image, query or display; queries a single table and packs the
fresh query image; presents all scripts beginning with the
letter Q, on the assumption that these are query scripts, plays the one
selected and packs the resulting query images. Obviously, one may
substitute their own conventions.

Caveat: Type "N" fields in display images are set to show 0 decimal
points -- if you need more will have to adjust manually. Paradox seems
to force this, since the number of decimal places is merely part of the
*image's* characteristics rather than built into the column's data
type. (Anybody know a way around this?)

Version 1.01 packs query columns properly when they contain text,
without hiding it. It also has fancier interactive file solicitation.
Version 1.02 avoids bombing on display table fields with no values.

David J. Lewis
SystemCrafts, Inc.
PO Box 6443
Ithaca, NY 14851
607-273-2020 CIS/BorApp 70105,1242

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