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Paradox script to use Brief as PAL editor.
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Paradox script to use Brief as PAL editor.
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Contents of the PARABRF.DOC file

Paradox/Brief Interface

This system is designed to allow the Brief programmer's
editor to be used as an integrated editor within Paradox. It
provides the full functionality of the integrated editor
while allowing all of the power of BRIEF.

In order to use this system, some preparation is required
within BRIEF. The configuration changes are as follows:

1. Execute the BRIEF Setup program.

2. Under SAFETY FEATURES, tell BRIEF to restore previous
file if no file is specified (you probably already
have this turned on. If you don't, you probably

3. Exit SETUP, saving the configuration.

4. Reboot your machine to install new configuration.

5. Invoke Brief to edit a file. You don't have to make
any changes. This is to create the STATE.RST file. I'm
going to modify this to tell Brief how to interface to
Paradox. It does have to exist, however. That's the
reason for this step.

Once these steps are accomplished, you're ready to set up
the Paradox end.

1. Reconfigure Paradox for the text editor. The command
to execute to get to Brief is as follows:


The parameter will not be needed by most of
you. If you have Brief installed in C:\BRIEF, you can
eliminate this parameter. If you do NOT have Brief installed
in this location, this parameter tells my program where to
look for the STATE.RST file.

Finally, put the enclosed software on your system in any
directory that is part of the search path. The two files
that are needed are:



You're now ready to go. BRFSETUP will modify the STATE
file to let Brief know where Paradox wants it to go. From
there on, the integration is seamless.

I hereby release this program, batch file, and
documentation (such as it is!) to the public domain. Being
rather conceited, I would appreciate being credited if it's
being distributed, but that's a matter of your own
conscience. If you have any questions regarding this, feel
free to contact me:

Michael Satterwhite
CIS: 76357,720

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