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Allows dialing of a phone number from within Paradox.
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Allows dialing of a phone number from within Paradox.
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Contents of the JTDIAL.DOC file

System : JTDial Ver 2.1
File Name : JtDial.Doc
By : John T Loper Jr.
Last modified 05/20/89
Copyright (c) 1989 John Loper Consulting
775 E. Green Street
Allentown, Pa. 18103
Any reasonable contribution will be rewarded with a disk of other routines
I have written including Put_Variable which allows Variables to be placed
on Forms or Reports (one of the new Paradox Toolkit scripts I have written)
Calc which is a pop-up calculator, etc and some informative articles I have
written on Paradox
Released to the Public Domain


Bug in previous version : When first run the procedure bugged out of the
instead of displaying the notice to "edit table as desired"

To run the dialer program Play the Script JTDial. On the first run a Setup
Table will be created and you will be placed in Paradox with the setup table in
view. Change the Fields by editing the appropriate fields. In particular you
will have to change the Fields "Table Name", "Name Field" and "Phone Field".

JtSetup Table Field Description

Field NameField Type
Table Name A8 Table that has Search Name & Phone #'s
Name Field A16 Name of Field to Search for a Name
Phone Field A16 Name of Field to get Phone # from
Form # A1 The Form # that you want to use
Dialing Prefix A9 Dialing prefix (If Required)
Comm Port A1 Comm Port # your modem is using
Tone/Pulse A1 Tone or Pulse ( T or P )

******************** Important Note **************************

If you are not using LPT1 as your printer port, change line 18 in to your port name

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