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Paradox scripts to link an Editor an Maintain Libraries.
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Paradox scripts to link an Editor an Maintain Libraries.
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Contents of the AXBUILD.DOC file

AxBuild10.DOC Library Development/Test System requires that you use an
external text editor

here is the next release in the Ax-Systems series, a procedure used in
every last one of my systems to speed me through the development cycle.

typically, my code is arranged into scripts which provide provide the
functions for an aspect of the application. procedures are written into
the library and released by these scripts as they are played, then a
master script runs the application.

\ Procedures / <- many per script
\ Scripts / <- usually up to a 1000 lines, 3 and more per project
\Library/ <- contains all procedures which were written there
\Main/ <- script utilizing this library to drive application
|BLD| <- build script for the application

since my code is usually syntactically correct pretty early into the
project and I then spend lots of time adding functions, bells and whistles
the need for a higher level of support became appearant to me, and I wrote
axBuildLib. It's since been used by a number of developers and if I haven't
screwed up anything in preparing this upload, it will work for you too.



; xplay, ; list of scripts to play for library creation
; ; i.e. "Part1,Part2,Part3" must be , delimited

; xaplibnamevar, ; variablename of library written to from scripts
; ; i.e. supply "LibName" if you are using
; ; in your scripts; LibName is a Variable,
; ; supply the name of it in quotes

; xaplibname, ; name of lib used by scripts
; ; i.e. "PARADOX" if you are writing to Paradox.lib
; ; xaplibnamevar will be set to xaplibname when
; ; creating the library

; xmain, ; main script to invoke when testing library
; ; i.e. the script which will later be used by your
; ; client as the top level script

; xcaller) ; script which calls the procedure/ provided so you
; ; can change invoking parameters and restart

Example of a build Script:
(a complete example is contained in MiniDemo.ARC)

; X.SC ; Shell "X" for development of a Project
Play "axBuild" ; load Procedure into memory
axBuildLib("PART1,PART2,PART3", ; scripts to play COMMA DELIMITED
"LIBNAME", ; varname of library written to by scripts
"MAINLIB", ; resulting library
"DRIVEIT", ; main script for application
"X") ; name of this script
Release Procs AxBuildLib ; free up memory
setkey 24 "play \"X\"" ; Ctrl-X to play this script again
; that's it.

Try it, at this point there is no further documentation,
if you need further assistance, contact me through

25-70 23rd Street Suite 37
Astoria, NY 11102

CIS: 71560,1754

one last note,
keep AXEDIT.LIB and AXBUILD.SC in the same directory as your application.


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