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Paradox utility to manage libraries.
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Paradox utility to manage libraries.
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Contents of the COPYPROC.DOC file

CopyProc Brought to you by

John Loper Consulting

775 E. Green Street
Allentown,Pa. 18103


1. Play "Copyproc" from Paradox Main Menu

2. You will be given a list of existing Librarys to select from.

3. You will then be requested to enter the New library name, if
the New library name exists CopyProc will add to it, or create
a new Library if needed.

4. After selecting the Library you will be shown a table of
Procedures to select from, delete all the Procedures not to be
copied and hit F2

Look for upcoming revisions that will include functions that :

1. Import ASCII Text
2. Calculator
3. Put Variables on Reports or Forms
4. File Mover/Copier
5. Vertical Menu Generator
6. Init Script Generator
7. Graphs
8. Dialer
9. Script Timer
10. Disk Formatter
11. Backup/Restore/Verify
12. Billing Timer
13. Client Invoicing
14. Multi Form Entry
15. Help Screen for Pictures

Contributions Excepted but not Required

However if you use these functions Comments on there usefulness or
suggestions for future updates is required.

(P.S. This means PLEASE give me some comments)

I can be contacted at voice phone (215)776-1927
Ansa BBS
PC-NETWORK (414)964-5160

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