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Paradox utility to use Brief as PAL editor.
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Paradox utility to use Brief as PAL editor.
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Contents of the DJLBRIEF.DOC file


This package demonstrates one method of implementing the (fabulous) Brief
program editor for use on Paradox scripts. Though Brief isn't
specifically tailored to Paradox, it works quite nicely with Paradox and
provides excellent structured programming support. With the present
package, one gains the following advantages over implementing Brief as the
standard Paradox editor:

a. The Brief/Paradox multiple-file environment: Brief can be restarted
on its previous environment, with several files intact, using a
single Paradox keystroke. There is no need to re-specify the files.

b. Non-interfering file environments: The Brief environment for Paradox
will not interfere with the Brief environment outside of Paradox.
In other words, one can edit a set of files outside Paradox, enter
Paradox and edit a completely different set of files, leave Paradox
and the outside set of files will again be in place, available at a
Dos keystroke. Once again inside Paradox, the second file set is
available at a Paradox keystroke, and so on.

c. Edit-test cycle: The latest script file being edited inside Paradox
can be invoked at a keystroke, with or without the debugger. Thus,
the edit-test cycle can be operated with a minimum of keystrokes.

If you are already using Brief, there's no need to learn a different
editor for Paradox. If you aren't, consider it, especially if you have
extensive program editing requirements outside of Paradox.


DJLBrief.Lib contains the necessary compiled procedures. Place it in
your working directory.

DJLBrief.Sc is the source for the scripts. To recompile and recreate
DJLBrief.Lib, play DJLBrief.Sc. Otherwise, it is not needed.

InitBrie.Sc is a sample file of commands for your Init.Sc. They
establish alt-keys to invoke Brief from within Paradox as follows:

alt-n: start Brief with a new file, solicited from the user.
alt-b: start Brief with the former set of files.
alt-t: run the file most recently alt-n'ed, possibly from a former
alt-d: same as alt-t, but with the debugger invoked.

Obviously, you can tailor these as you like.

P2Brief.Bat is a Dos .Bat file to retrieve and restore the Brief
environment for Paradox execution, so the Brief environments outside
and inside Paradox do not interfere with each other. Incorporate
this into your invocation .Bat for Paradox. If you don't need this
feature, this .Bat file is unnecessary.


David J. Lewis
SystemCrafts, Inc.
PO Box 6443
Ithaca, NY 14850
607-273-2020 CIS/BorApp: 70105,1242

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