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Access Paradox tables with C routines. Does not access through indexs.
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Access Paradox tables with C routines. Does not access through indexs.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
README.TXT 883 341 deflated
TABLE.DOC 17405 3859 deflated
TABLE.H 2335 852 deflated
TABLEML.LIB 28755 12727 deflated
TABLEML5.LIB 29779 13166 deflated
TABLEMS.LIB 25683 11705 deflated
TABLEMS5.LIB 26195 12173 deflated
TABLETL.LIB 27733 12685 deflated
TABLETL2.LIB 27733 12198 deflated
TABLETS.LIB 23125 11520 deflated
TABLETS2.LIB 23637 11193 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Compilers supported

The following list indicates which table routine libraries are
associated with which "C" compilers and memory models. Please
note that it is usually unwise and sometimes impossible to use
an old version of the table routines with a new version of a
particular compiler.

Library nameCompiler

TABLETS.LIB*Turbo "C" verrsion 1.5 small model
TABLETL.LIB*Turbo "C" verrsion 1.5 large model

TABLETS2.LIBTurbo "C" verrsion 2.0 small model
TABLETL2.LIBTurbo "C" verrsion 2.0 large model

TABLEMS.LIBMicrosoft "C" version 4.0 small model
TABLEML.LIBMicrosoft "C" version 4.0 large model

TABLEMS5.LIBMicrosoft "C" version 5.0 small model
TABLEML5.LIBMicrosoft "C" version 5.0 large model

* not compatible with Turbo "C" 2.0 libraries

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