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Multi-table, Paradox database, tips & techniques.
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Multi-table, Paradox database, tips & techniques.
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AMOUNT.DB 4455 1382 deflated
AMOUNT.F 1368 314 deflated
AMOUNT.F10 1090 236 deflated
AMOUNT.PX 1199 367 deflated
COMMON.SC 8342 2503 deflated
COMPILE.SC 1105 430 deflated
CUSTOMER.DB 12636 2722 deflated
CUSTOMER.F 2090 460 deflated
CUSTOMER.F1 1498 350 deflated
CUSTOMER.F10 762 179 deflated
CUSTOMER.F11 766 167 deflated
CUSTOMER.F12 1020 242 deflated
CUSTOMER.F14 492 61 deflated
CUSTOMER.F2 2158 438 deflated
CUSTOMER.PX 1197 441 deflated
CUSTOMER.R5 1931 224 deflated
CUSTOMER.SET 290 186 deflated
CUSTOMER.VAL 463 169 deflated
EMPLOYEE.DB 1246 384 deflated
EMPLOYEE.F10 966 229 deflated
EMPLOYEE.PX 1199 78 deflated
EMPLOYEE.VAL 164 110 deflated
FILMS.DB 5425 1530 deflated
FILMS.F 1158 276 deflated
FILMS.F10 560 108 deflated
FILMS.F11 1062 354 deflated
FILMS.F12 1528 341 deflated
FILMS.PX 1197 421 deflated
FILMS.R1 3709 455 deflated
FILMS.R2 2647 369 deflated
FILMS.R3 3529 273 deflated
FILMS.R4 5235 668 deflated
FILMS.R5 5891 797 deflated
FILMS.R9 3489 418 deflated
FILMS.SET 236 164 deflated
FILMS.VAL 376 162 deflated
FORM2.SC 12784 3344 deflated
FORM3.SC 14534 3814 deflated
FORM3I.SC 16113 4232 deflated
FORM4.SC 17974 4554 deflated
FORM5.SC 46641 7558 deflated
KRENTAL.DB 18737 1968 deflated
KRENTAL.F10 1130 240 deflated
KRENTAL.PX 1201 357 deflated
KRENTAL.R 3807 390 deflated
KRENTAL.R1 3863 420 deflated
KRENTAL.R5 3212 757 deflated
KRENTAL.R6 5509 691 deflated
KRENTAL.SET 236 158 deflated
KRENTAL.VAL 339 147 deflated
MAIN.SC 2213 826 deflated
MULTITAB.DOC 94112 14075 deflated
PAYMENT.DB 2295 810 deflated
PAYMENT.F10 894 212 deflated
PAYMENT.PX 1201 425 deflated
PAYMENT.VAL 218 131 deflated
README 6225 2456 deflated
RENTAL.DB 18724 1858 deflated
RENTAL.F 1172 253 deflated
RENTAL.F1 1360 292 deflated
RENTAL.F10 1008 217 deflated
RENTAL.F11 1008 197 deflated
RENTAL.F2 1572 279 deflated
RENTAL.PX 1201 290 deflated
RENTAL.R 3822 401 deflated
RENTAL.R1 3906 446 deflated
RENTAL.R5 3212 757 deflated
RENTAL.R6 5509 692 deflated
RENTAL.SET 218 150 deflated
RENTAL.VAL 339 153 deflated
START.SC 924 401 deflated
STORE.DB 1261 218 deflated
STORE.F10 712 154 deflated
STORE.PX 1197 72 deflated
STORE.VAL 179 97 deflated
TAXRATE.DB 1255 611 deflated
TAXRATE.F10 492 83 deflated
TAXRATE.PX 1199 228 deflated
TAXRATE.VAL 115 74 deflated
VIDORDER.DB 3421 702 deflated
VIDORDER.F 1389 338 deflated
VIDORDER.F1 3846 377 deflated
VIDORDER.F2 1537 368 deflated
VIDORDER.F3 1323 311 deflated
VIDORDER.F4 2891 538 deflated
VIDORDER.F5 2267 390 deflated
VIDORDER.F6 2526 381 deflated
VIDORDER.PX 1199 106 deflated
VIDORDER.SET 272 167 deflated
VIDORDER.VAL 355 223 deflated

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Contents of the README file



This material is Copyright 1990 by Brian J. Smith and Associates,
Inc. Please observe the restrictions stated in the paragraph at the
end of this document.


These files are a demonstration of PAL programming techniques using
multi-table forms. Multi-table forms are easy to design using
interactive Paradox. However, when you try to incorporate them into
a PAL application, the programming can be very complex.
I have attempted in this package to address many common
multi-table form functional requirements, and illustrate how to
implement those functions in PAL.

This material is excerpted from the "Advanced PAL" class which is
part of my Paradox/PAL training series. This series is conducted on
a regular basis in Southern California. If you would like more
information about this series, please contact:

Brian J. Smith and Associates, Inc.
901-A North Pacific Coast Highway
Suite 200
Redondo Beach, California 90277
(213) 374-0151

These programs were also presented (with a different presentation
document) at the International Paradox Users Conference on May 1,
I hope you find this package informative!

-- Brian J. Smith
May 30, 1990



90 files:

- This "ReadMe" file

- Multitab.Doc, presentation materials explaining
the sample programs

- 9 script files:
Common.SC Form3.SC Form5.SC
Compile.SC Form3i.SC Main.SC
Form2.SC Form4.SC Start.SC

- 10 Paradox tables and their families (79 files in all):
Amount.* Krental.* Store.*
Customer.* Payment.* Taxrate.*
Employee.* Rental.* Vidorder.*


The presentation material is contained in the file MULTITAB.DOC.
It is a 45-page document illustrating the key features of the
sample programs. You can print it on your printer with from the
DOS prompt with the command:


However, it will probably look pretty ugly.
The document is meant to be printed in a mixture of 10-pitch and
compressed type, using a font supporting the IBM graphic character
set. If you have a Hewlett Packard LaserJet II, that will do the
Before you print the document, edit it and replace all occurrences
of the following three phrases with control codes for your printer:

Replace this line with the control codes
to initialize your printer, if any. On the
HP LaserJet II, I use the following:


Replace all occurrences of this line with a
line to switch to 8-line per inch compressed
type. On the HP LaserJet II, I use the following:


Replace all occurrences of this line with a
line to switch to 6-line per inch 10-pitch
type. On the HP LaserJet II, I use the following:



1. Paradox version 3.01a.

2. Set the "Blanks=Zero" setting in the Custom Configuration Program
(the "custom script") to "Yes."

3. 640K of RAM.


1. Create a subdirectory and copy all the files into it.

2. Start up Paradox in the subdirectory.

3. Play the script called "Compile."
This creates the procedure library, MTDEMO.LIB.


1. Play the script called "Start."

2. The main menu will appear:

2 3 3-I 4 5/6 Quit

3. Each menu choice (except "Quit") performs a different data
entry program. All the programs illustrate multi-table form
PAL programming techniques. All of the forms resemble one
another, but each program illustrates a different set of

2: Basic Video Store Rental Entry (form Vidorder.F2)
3: Automatic Assignment of Line Numbers (form Vidorder.F3)
3-I: Automatic Assignment of Line Numbers, with the ability
to Insert New Lines Between Two Others (form Vidorder.F3)
4: Unlinked Forms for Films & Tax Rates (form Vidorder.F4)
5/6: Two Forms Using Shadow Table Technique (form Vidorder.F5&6)

4. Select any menu choice. As the forms appear, fill them out in
the normal manner. The top two lines of the screen will tell you
what function keys to press.

5. After you exit back to Paradox, you can press the [Ctrl-F10]
key to start up the application. This is the same as playing
the "Start" script again.


All of the documentation, programs, forms, and sample data included
in this package are Copyright 1990 by Brian J. Smith and Associates,
Inc. You may use them freely to help you learn Paradox and PAL
programming techniques, and you may use them as a source of PAL code
in applications you develop, with the following exception: Without
the express written permission of the author, Brian J. Smith and
Associates, you may not use this material or any part of it as part
of any training class, book, article, or other published work, nor as
part of any commercially marketed or commercially sold programming


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