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Directory navigation aid for Paradox.
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Directory navigation aid for Paradox.
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Contents of the DLIST.DOC file

DLIST.EXE creates scripts that can be used to change directories
more easily than using the Tools menu. It also removes the
tedious task of creating and modifying a similar script for all
your directories. If you create a new directory, or remove one,
all you have to do to update the CHGDIR script is run DLIST in
the new directory, or run it in the parent from which you removed
the old directory. A whole new script will be written that
includes all the correct directories in the menu.

To use DLIST.EXE as is, first put the program in a directory
that is included in your PATH. Then, wherever there is a
directory that you use for Paradox files, go there and run DLIST.
It will create an appropriate CHGDIR.SC in that directory.
Each script will include only the directories that are
accessible directly from that current working directory.

To automate the script CHGDIR.SC, just create a startup script
to run every time you run Paradox, and include a line in
it something like this one:

setkey -32 play "chgdir" DO_IT!

(-32 is ALT-D)

so that when you type Alt-D, the change directory menu will
automatically come up. The choices you see will always be the
dirs accessible from the current one.
Remember that you don't want to do this:

setkey -32 play "\px\chgdir"

unless you change the C program to write a script that can handle
it (which is rather simple, but another approach).

Which brings up a point:

While the included program, dlist.exe, can be used as is, you'll
probably enjoy the results more if you modify the source code
to create just the kind of script you prefer. Only the bare
bones have been included here to get anyone started. The C code
is brute force, any elegance is purely accidental, but that
should make it easier to modify for those who aren't C-Whizzes.
For example, you could use the Paradox format function to make
the directory names look nicer (first letter caps, rest lower
case), and simply add the code to the C source to have that
function come up in the script it creates.

And, speaking of brute force C code, this is free stuff, and
should remain so, please (directed at anyone with the chutzpah to
even think of charging somebody else for this!).

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