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Paradox script documentation package.
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Paradox script documentation package.
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Contents of the PXDOC.DOC file

Version 1.0, June 19, 1988

Paul Dembowski
3406 N.Thomas St.
Arlington, Virginia 22207
Home Phone: (703) 876-4085
Work Phone: (703) 998-3336

PXDOC is a utility intended for use by Paradox PAL programmers. PXDOC
outputs a listing of the following:

1. MODULE CROSS REFERENCE - A cross reference listing of all the PROC's
and script files in your PAL program.

2. UNRESOLVED REFERENCES - A listing of all the PROC's which are called
but which are not defined within a script file, as well as all script files
which are called but which do not exist.

3. UNUSED SCRIPTS - All scripts which are present in the current
subdirectory which are never called by your PAL program.

I am releasing this program as shareware. If you use this program on a regular
basis consider helping out a poor starving programmer with your donation. $12
sounds reasonable to me. In return I'll send you the next version of this
program as soon as I finish it ( October 1988 is my Target date ). I'm
particulary interested in knowing about any problems you have encountered
with PXDOC as well as any features you would like to see included in the
future releases of the program.


- Make sure you are in the directory which contains your PAL program.

- Type pxdoc to see an explanation of how to use PXDOC.

- PXDOC will output what file it is currently processing even if you have
redirected output to the printer or to another file.

- PXDOC will automatically create a file called PXDOC.ERR which will list
all the files it has processed, their respective lengths, as well as any
PLAY, AUTOLIB, and READLIB statements which it could not understand.

- Almost every problem PXDOC encounters will be because it cannot figure
out from a statement such as

PLAY dirname + "\\" + filename

which script file is being referred to. For this reason you can create a file
of scripts which you want to be included when PXDOC is run. This file is
referred to as the additional scripts file. It must consist of one script file
per row with the first letter of the script in the first column. You don't
need to include the .sc extensions.


PXDOC men000

- Run PXDOC beginning with the men000 script file. Output will be sent to
your monitor since no redirection to a file was specified. The width of
the output will be the default which is 122 columns.

PXDOC 80 >lpt1

- Run PXDOC beginning with the men000 script file. Output will be sent to
your printer at a width of 80 columns.

PXDOC men000 addon 80 >outfile

- Run PXDOC beginning with the men000 script file. Also included as input
will be the scripts listed (one per line) in a file called addon. Output
will be sent to a file named outfile at a width of 80 columns.


- This program was written using Microsoft C 5.1. The good news about the
language is that it's fast and I found it much easier to program the binary
tree portions of this program in C as opposed to Pascal or Assembler. The
bad news is that any minor bug that I have missed will probably crash your
system. No friendly Paradox-type error messages will be encountered. This
program has been tested successfully on approximately 15,000 lines of
Paradox code.

- The next version of PXDOC will be faster, and will output a cross-
reference listing of variables as well. I'm also thinking of making the
cross-reference listing more comprehensive in a number of ways.

- Thank you in advance to anyone who helps me out with bug reports. I
consider myself a novice PAL programmer and expect to find several bugs
related to my lack of PAL expertise.

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