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Demo version of DataFinder. This TSR allows you to view, search, and cut+paste Paradox files.
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Demo version of DataFinder. This TSR allows you to view, search, and cut+paste Paradox files.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CUST.DB 2428 780 deflated
CUSTOMER.DB 3349 1223 deflated
DBN.EXE 64760 39549 deflated
DBN.HLP 17029 2800 deflated
DGO.BAT 33 33 stored
EMPLOYEE.DB 25086 4151 deflated
NAMES.DB 4372 1946 deflated
PEOPLE.DB 2324 852 deflated
PRINTME.DOC 2377 1153 deflated
PURCHASE.DB 2255 380 deflated
REMOVE.BAT 7 7 stored
SALES.DB 2275 690 deflated
SETUP.EXE 26739 16415 deflated

Download File DTAFND.ZIP Here

Contents of the PRINTME.DOC file

DataFinder for Pardox (Evaluation Copy)

Your copy will work almost the same as the distribution version except
that you are limited to only 15 records.

1. Create a directory on your hard disk

2. Copy off all the files

3. Run Setup

4. Type DGO to begin DataFinder

Keys:(Keys outside of DF)

ALT-3 Default hot-key to invoke DF
ALT-4 Default paste key

Keys:(inside DF)
ESC - Exit DF
Enter - Execute Search
Tab - Select Search operator
F1 - Switch between find mode and and view mode
F2 - Select directories and drives
F3 - Mark fields for cut/paste and extraction
F4 - Cut records with marked fields
F5 - Select field delimiter
F6 - Extract records after search into new table
F7 - Case sensitive search
F8 - substring search (must be on when searching MEMO fields)
F9 - Search through DBF's for matching field and/or data
F10 - General Help

ALT-F1 - Switch between FIND mode and EDIT mode (default password
MASTER, all caps)
Alt-F2 - GOTO specific record

CTRL-<- (backspace key) - Clear "hot-line"
CTRL-F4 - Append cut records (F4 will clear the buffer)
CTRL-F5 - Toggle End of Record CR for paste into document
CTRL-F9 - Continue searching DBF's with original field name and
CTRL-ENTER - Search backwards

Shift-Fx - Specific help for each function key

In EDIT mode:

F7 - Ditto Record
F8 - Append blank record
F9 - Non-destructive delete

Moving Around

PgUp - Moves backwards one record
PgDn - Moves forward one record
Home - Beginning of DBF
End - End of DBF
Up arrow - Move field cursor up
Dn arrow - Move field cursor down
Shift Up arrow - Move up 15 fields
Shift Dn arrow - Move down 15 fields


Rt arrow (Alpha fields) - Full field view
Rt arrow (Numeric fields) Field statistics


ParaMerge - allows direct conversion from Paradox tables to
mailmerge files for WordPerfect, Wordstar, MS Word & ASCII
delimited formats.

ParaFrame - creates mainframe to Pdx and Pdx to mainframe batch processors.
ParaFrame runs signifcantly faster than the Paradox ASCII import/export option
and does not require the mainframe file to be created in any special format.

ParaFix - repairs Pdx tables and headers not even repairable by Borlands

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