The game DOOM - Wad files were custom maps

DOOM Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
AARRGHH!.ZIP173737Jun 8 1994Another WAD File For The Registered Version Of DOOM.
ALIEN101.ZIP1608223Sep 13 1994Alien DOOM --- GREAT pwad with new sounds/creatures.
ATLNTS1.ZIP16925May 4 1994Atlantis: A new level for DOOM, load with "doom -file atlnts1.wad".
BOOTCAMP.ZIP922110Dec 4 1994Doom2 8-wad set.
COMBAT.ZIP22611May 17 1994Another WAD File For The Registered Version Of DOOM.
DEU521.ZIP499876May 23 1994Latest version of DEU DOOM editor. The only one to use.
DEUTUTOR.ZIP42567Apr 20 1994DEUTUTOR is a great tutor for DEU.ZIP. Once you completed this tutor, you'll have some great new levels.
DIE024.ZIP30827Apr 8 1994Doom Image Editor v2.4 Edit the walls, doors and MONSTERS in doom. You will need WT100.ZIP to run this program.
DM-EP5.ZIP526969Apr 30 1994Doom Pwad - Episode 5.
DM12-MDM.ZIP38614Feb 19 1994A GREAT utility for doom to get the modem to work in doom 1.2. A must have for doom modem players having problems.
DM1666RP.ZIP769391Sep 7 1994Doom 1.6 Upgrade Reg. Version. You upgrade from 1.2 to 1.666.
DM1666SP.ZIP650139Sep 7 1994Doom 1.666 upgrade Shareware version. This upgrades from 1.2 to 1.666.
DM18RPT.ZIP511533Jan 23 1995Upgrade Doom II v1.666 to v1.8.
DM2_18PT.ZIP381579Jan 24 1995Upgrade Doom II v1.666 to v1.8.
DMARENA.ZIP20133May 10 1994DOOM Pwad - Arena.
DMBNU.ZIP29543Mar 28 1994DMBNU is a DOOM Setup Replacement. Now Use you modem to the fullest and forget that 9600 barrier. Ver 1.2.6.
DMDEG1.ZIP49138May 10 1994DOOM Pwad - Degenerate ?.
DMENU.ZIP14322Mar 3 1994This file automates the network portion of doom including external wad files.
DMEVIL.ZIP43036Apr 20 1994DM Evil is a NEW DOOM LEVEL Created with DEU.ZIP.
DMFAQ58.ZIP107779Aug 30 1994Doom FAQ 5.8 Talks about 1.666 release .
DMFORT.ZIP58369May 10 1994DOOM Pwad - Fortress.
DMGRAPH.ZIP38931Mar 7 1994DMGRAPH is a DOOM Graphic Editor. Import/Export your own images.
DMHANG.ZIP28288May 10 1994DOOM Pwad -Revamped Hanger.
DMHORR.ZIP19711May 10 1994DOOM Pwad -Horror.
DMINATOR.ZIP327218Apr 24 1994Another WAD File For The Registered Version Of DOOM.
DMLEVX.ZIP227276May 10 1994Doom Pwad - Levelx.
DMLOW.ZIP7108May 10 1994DOOM Pwad -Low Light.
DMMANIAC.ZIP21666May 10 1994DOOM Pwad - Maniac.
DMMOURN.ZIP29637May 10 1994DOOM Pwad - Mourning.
DMNSD1.ZIP15053Jan 6 1994Some new sounds for Doom.
DMOVIES.ZIP20136Jan 24 1994DOOM Movies (demo).
DMOZV12.ZIP157464Apr 7 1994Complete DOOM Spoiler File 5 hours of DOOM demos - Requires DOOM version 1.2.
DMP1666R.ZIP9879Sep 16 1994Patches DooM.WAD v1.666 to correct the E3M9 sector error.
DMWADR.ZIP44199Apr 21 1994DMWADR is a DOOM WAD Runner, after you've created a level with that you can use this as a main menu system.
DM_ADD1.ZIP1193603Nov 19 1994Additional levels for DOOM II 18 new missions for commercial version.
DOOM29BF.ZIP54350Nov 10 1994This is a patch .WAD that fixes the problem with level 29 of Doom ][.
DOOM2P16.ZIP118478Nov 8 1994Upgrade Doom II v1.666 to 1.7a.
DOOM2P17.ZIP64907Nov 8 1994Upgrade Doom II from v1.7 to 1.7a.
DOOM2PAT.ZIP153228Nov 11 1994DOOM II patch 1.666 -> 1.7a.
DOOMEN17.ZIP77133Oct 18 1994DOOM advanced Menu'ing system version 17. Doomenu is a must have, allowing easy access to external wads, deathmatch, etc.
DOOMEVIL.ZIP43036Apr 20 1994Great DOOM wadfile.
DOOMLD2.ZIP129908Mar 21 1994Another WAD File For The Registered Version Of DOOM.
DOOMVB10.ZIP101926Feb 4 1994Doom visual basic editor.
DOOMWALZ.ZIP261687Aug 17 1994Another WAD File For Ther Registered Version Of DOOM.
DSC_1-0.ZIP30427Apr 11 1994DOOM! System Control Program. This is a small program which allows easy access to the most commonly used devparm parameters. Such as Warp, Record, Playback, etc.
DTEDIT.ZIP148033Feb 20 1994Nice editor for registered Doom .WAD file - even works with v1.2. Allows editing of all items, monsters, walls, etc.
DUCKBLND.ZIP6280May 10 1994Another doom wad file.
EDMAP.ZIP368308Oct 27 1994Doom map editor version 1.22.
ESCAPE.ZIP261632Aug 4 1994Another WAD File For The Registered Version.
HALLS19.ZIP278694Jul 11 1994DOOM 9 new levels (entire scenario) especially for Deathmatch play. These levels are not really intended for playing by yourself.
HOCKEY10.ZIP23053Apr 10 1994Play DOOM Hockey. 1-4 Players, requires DOOM.
KILLZONE.ZIP78657Jun 1 1994New DOOM pwad file.
MAPVIEW.ZIP49267Mar 3 1994View all the Doom maps in your wad.
MOUNTAIN.ZIP132153Jun 11 1994Another WAD File For Ther Registered Version Of DOOM.
MSTDOOM.ZIP530206May 25 1994DOOM MST-3000 replacement sounds for doom, in wad file format.
RAVEN1.ZIP24960Dec 29 1994Doom 2 Wad File - Level 1.
RAVEN2.ZIP52505Oct 21 1994Doom2 Wad File - Level 2.
RAVEN3.ZIP48518Oct 23 1994Doom2 Wad File - Level 3.
RAVEN4.ZIP44769Oct 23 1994Doom2 Wad File - Level 4.
RAVEN5.ZIP58035Oct 31 1994Doom2 Wad File - Level 5.
RAVEN7.ZIP43081Nov 21 1994Doom2 Wad File - Level 7.
STARDOOM.ZIP119725Apr 9 1995Another doom pwad file based on the starwars flying fortress doors galore.
THE-KEEP.ZIP40490Oct 18 1994The KEEP: DOOM scenario with dungeons, moats and more.
THEKEEP2.ZIP38387Oct 18 1994THE KEEP: Additional files to add a dungeon scenario to DOOM.
TMALL2.ZIP617811Dec 10 1994Doom wad that changes imps and more.
TREE3.ZIP284810Jun 13 1994Hot new WAD file for DOOM, 3 new levels.
WADED142.ZIP236519Oct 10 1994Waded version 1.42 a DOOM editor for Dos, Very nice.
WADPAK1.ZIP862932May 9 1994Another WAD File For The Registered Version Of DOOM.
WADPAK2.ZIP862932May 9 1994Another WAD File For The Registered Version Of DOOM.
WIDOW.ZIP58220Mar 12 1995Wad file for Doom I.
WINDOOM.ZIP1071Dec 18 1993Doom icons for windows.