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DOOM Pwad - Mourning.

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DOOM: Mourning / Pwad
Author James Gerbino
Use w/ Reg. Ver of DOOM
Modem, Network, Deathmatch Play
Into the Weezul's Lair Part 1
Mourning at Marsbase

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DOOM Pwad – Mourning.
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DOOM: Mourning / Pwad
Author James Gerbino
Use w/ Reg. Ver of DOOM
Modem, Network, Deathmatch Play
Into the Weezul's Lair Part 1
Mourning at Marsbase
Into the Weezul's Lair Part 1
Mourning at Marsbase

You are senior corporal in the whole battalion. Shoulda
never fooled around with that captains's daughter! Never gonna
make sargeant. You've been at Marsbase Beta or 8 monthes now. You
know, making sure the rocks and craters don't escape. Sitting around
and watching all those Nikki Dial vids is rotting your brain. Only
thing you enjoy is bozing and target practice.

Even the boxing isn't much fun any more. That big ugly
slob in 1st platoon is too tough for you to take. What a beast.
Good news is, you're due to rotate earthside this week. The
company doesn't pay for marine guards on it's freighters so you'll
be making the trip in cold sleep. Oh joy. So the fleet medico preps
you and you lie back in the sleep capsule with a big happy grin on
you mug thinking of breathing air that hasn't ever been farted
before by your buddies. Of to dreamland...

Your eyes snap open. OUCH! You hate waking up like this.
Where is the medico with the hot coffee. Probably sucking up to the
LT. You feel stranger than usual. Hey. the gravity is still only
marsnorm. Not on earth! Damn! What's going on here.

As you sit up and look out of your capsule you see every
thing is weird. You rub you reyes but it's even weirder when you
look again. The walls are twisted, and kinda warped. And the lights
are flickering. Power plant must be screwed up again. Have to find
access panel and fix that later. You pull on your jumpsuit and strap
on your Beretta service issue. Don't leave home without it!

Stepping out of the capsule your boot slips on something soft.
You look down into the shredded remains of your bunkmate. What's that
noise? What's that THING?! BANG-BANG-BANG! There's gonna be HELL to
PAY for this!

"When you put your hand, into a bunch of goo, that a moment before,
was your best friend's face... you'll know what to do."
-George S. Patton 1943

This is a totally new level for the registered version
of Doom 1.2 only. Don't waste your time trying to play it with
the shareware version. It won't work. Unzip this stuff into any
place you like and run it with the command line switch
-file mourning.wad -wart 1 1 -skill 4
this starts the game and puts you right into the action at Ultra

If you have ALFRED the automatic demo recorder and veiwer
that comes with the LMP Hall of Fame Vol 1 & 2 put it all in the
DOOM\LMP\PWAD directory instead. I have included a demo that
shows the secrets and the main exit on U/V at 100% everything.
It's really easy once you know how. Kinda tough if you try to
shoot your way through. Try it first before using the map cheats
and demo. It's a small level and not too complex. I wanted to
make the elevators and teleporters work right before I got into
a big project. That's next.

-James Gerbino RPG2 on NVN
internet [email protected]

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