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Doom wad that changes imps and more.
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Doom wad that changes imps and more.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DEHACKED.EXE 69556 34244 deflated
DEUSF.EXE 58660 25951 deflated
SETUPTM2.BAT 21 21 stored
TMALL17.INI 1500 727 deflated
TMALL2.BAT 258 156 deflated
TMALL2.DEH 66874 17351 deflated
TMALL2.TXT 14190 5386 deflated
TMALL2.WAD 2701892 476513 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the TMALL2.TXT file

December 8, 1994

DragonRook Presents: Terror Mall! v2.0 for Doom II

*See installation and play instructions below description.

Story is below play information.
Title : Terror Mall
Filename : TMALL2.WAD
Zip name :
Author : David G Shrock
Email Address : [email protected]
Misc. Author Info : Creator of Castle Phobos (cphobos 1-3)
And Castle Phobos for Doom II. (cphobos5)
Currently looking for work.

Description : A 4 level episode in a mall.
Unlike CPHOBOS, all of the secrets here
have better hints to their existance. This episode
has extensive new graphics and is built to look
just like a mall with a new monster. Uses DeHackEd
for new effects such as shooting computers and
windows, the new monster and new text.

For you deathmatch players, I have put in a button
on level 3 that will take you back to level 2. This
is a 2 level infinite cycle in the Doom version,
but does not work for Doom2, just goes to level 2
then on to the last.

Unless people insist, this is probably my last
episode/levels for Doom. Let me know what you

Files in : tmall2.wad, tmall2.bat, tmall2.deh, dehacked.exe,
setuptm2.bat, deusf.exe, tmall17.ini

Additional Credits to : Ryan A. Warren for a few ideas.
Ross A. Warren for music on level 3.

Special Thanks to : id Software for Doom
Bill Nesius for DmAud, DmGraph
Greg Lewis for DeHackEd v2.0
Raphal Quinet and Brendon J. Wyber for DEU 5.2
Olivier Montanuy for DeuSF
* Instructions for playing *

Unzip these files into your Doom2 directory to install the new monsters.

To play, you must have Doom II. Run SETUPTM2 in the same
directory as your Doom2 files so it can expand the sprite graphics. The
episode will take a total of 6 megs when SETUPTM2 is finished.

**Note you must run SETUPTM2 before playing or else Doom2 will crash!

Then enter TMALL2 to play single player. Since you will be warping, you may
wish to add your skill level by entering, TMALL2 -SKILL 4.

If everything is working correctly, then you should see a message on the
red bar after the DOOM 2 sign stating that Terror Mall is loading.

Remember that this episode requires that the doom.exe file be edited. When
you execute TMALL2, it will auto-backup your doom.exe. But, you may also
want to keep a permanent backup ready for safety.

** Special instructions for Doom2 v1.7a users ONLY! **

To get the patch to work for version 1.7a of Doom2, you will need to
rename the tmall17.ini to dehacked.ini
Enter this at the DOS prompt:

rename tmall17.ini dehacked.ini

Then run SETUPTM and TMALL2 like normal. You will get a message in a
cyan box, just press the spacebar to continue.
The new special effects and monsters should be there, but no new text
messages. You will have to skip through the normal Doom2 story messages
instead of the Terror Mall ones. To check to see if the new effects are
working, you should be able to shoot the PC Monitors on the tables and it
should only take 3 to 4 shotgun shots to take out the Sniper.

If you are playing multi-player: You can either edit the tmall2.bat file
to load sersetup or ipxsetup instead of Doom2. OR you can load the new
Doom2.exe information by yourself. To load the new information, enter the

copy doom2.exe doom2exe.bak
dehacked -load tmall2.deh

copy doom2exe.bak doom2.exe

This hack is important to produce new effects like shootable walls and new

Note: Doom II v1.666 has a sound bug for some of the sound card owners. If
you have problems playing this level, try turning the Sound FX to "None" in

* Play Information *

Doom II Map # : 14, 15, 31, 16, and 32
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes (If you want less monsters, play skill 2)
Difficulty Settings : Yes (skill 3 has same monsters as 4, but less decor)
New Sounds : Yes
New Graphics : Yes
New Music : Yes, 1 (Written for General MIDI pleasure)
Demos Replaced : None

* Construction *

Base : New levels from scratch.
Build Time : 160+ hours.
Editors used : DEU 5.2gcc, DMAud, DMGraph, midi2mus, DeHackEd 2.0
Other Tools : Paintbrush 5+, Cakewalk Professional
Known Bugs : A node problem that shows up in Doom 2 version
only. Bar on right side of red-key van.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
levels or pack it with others. You may use any of the new graphics/monsters
as long as you give credit to me, David Shrock, and that you found them in

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
intact and the other files in an unaltered

* Where to get this WAD *

BBS numbers: Game Palace BBS (305) 587-4258
America Online

Other: Myself.

* Level Details *

Most of the levels are quite bright with good lighting. But a few small areas
are extremely dark. Don't turn on your lights, please! Don't use F11 or
give yourself Light Amp Visors, you will ruin the mood and break the nice
artistic light effects. For best results, play in dim room with no light
reflecting off of monitor.
The Story:

The local police commissioner has reported to the military that there are
strange happenings at Central Mall. Investigations have uncovered a
take-over by a group of horrible demons who are attacking from beneath the
mall! These demons have been destroying this mall and stealing just about
everything and blockading many stores with large demonic structures.

Your job is to find out the source of their invasion and stop it while
destroying any demon that gets in your way!

Level 1: Central Mall
You start out in the back of your Weapons Van which has backed up directly
into the mall doors breaking them in the process. Players 2 and 4 are in a
different van at the other end of the mall. Each pair of players start
out with a different key to their van so that the other players will have
to use co-operation if they want to let you in their van for their ammo.

This level isn't large but is heavily detailed, and it is also open so you
Deathmatch Players should find each other very quickly. You can also
hear just about anything that happens in the mall.
Originally, the level was planned to be a little larger, but I scaled it
down so the game play won't slow down when going down the main hall. (Yes,
it was even slowing down on Pentiums!) I try to make my levels play
smoothly at full screen on a 486DX2-66 or greater. Play skill 3 if you are
bothered by slow down on your machine. It has the same monsters as UV, but
has very little decoration objects. I don't know how much it actually helps,
but give it a try. The point for making this level was for story and

Once you get the chainsaw, use it wisely! You don't want to run low on

You will need to find one secret in order to exit. If you can't figure out
how to grab the yellow keycard, the hint lies next to it.

Level 2: Parking Garage
Here you are on the bottom level of the mall in the partially underground
parking garage. This is basically a fast action battle that should be
fun for you Deathmatch Players. There are a few stores for you to browse
on this bottom story. Your job is to find out how the demons are getting
in and go after them! Blow away the windows to get through! By the way,
where did the key card to your van go?

This level is 100% fair for Deathmatch. Each player starts with a shotgun and
equal ammo. You will never reappear next to an opponent. (You can't get shot
at the start locations) The opponents will not be able to gaurd any
deathmatch starting areas very easily since there is more than one way into
the fighting area for every starting position. You also get 6 Deathmatch
starts! Half the level is open for arena style play and half is tight
corners for surprises!

Level 3: The Underworld
You seem to be on the edge of Hell itself! Your job is to destroy the monster
teleporter! (Close the door to block the generator's power.) This level also
uses the fair deathmatch starts.

There is just one puzzle involving two elevators. Takes a little time to
get through this, so don't try it when monsters are hot on your tail!

Deathmatch Players: To go back to level 2, use the red button near the
the normal exit. This is an infinite cycle on Doom version, but doesn't
work in Doom II, so you will go back to level 2 just once then on to the end.
There is a sign next to the button that reads, "Deathmatch. To level 2" To
find it, drop down the narrow pit before the normal end room.
It is a double button, so you will be sure to recognize that this is not the
normal exit. Yes, you crazy single players could use it too.

Music: "Demon Horde" copyright 1994, Ross Warren
Level 4: Terror Mall!
You're back in the main floor of the mall and things have changed! It
looks like Hell is erupting through the ground itself! Now it is time to
put an end to those demons that you trapped on our side of the door!

Your crew has stocked your Weapons Van up with goodies, but you will have to
find the key card you dropped!

Hopefully, this level should take a few tries. First, try to find where and
how to get the goodies, then go for it! There should be more ammo than
you need here.

Level 2b: Parking Garage
For Doom, deathmatch players can cycle between levels 2 and 3 for as long
as they want. (So can singles!) It doesn't work in Doom II, so I put this
level in if you take the deathmatch exit on level 3. It is the same map,
but with different monsters. You single or co-operative players can come
here if you want to play an additional level. To fit the story, now you
will travel through the level backwards. This means if you fail to close
the portal, you must go back through the parking garage.

What graphics/sounds I inserted for this episode

All graphics are hand drawn by me, except where noted.

Checkerboard Floor and Checkerboard with Rook Floor.
Main Mall Floor
Road and sidewalk textures
Counter Top texture
Chess Board
Wood Bench, edited from wood wall.

Stool sprite
Monitor Exploding sprites
Entertainment Center sprites with new "popping" sound (light bulb breaking)
Red Swirl Light sprites
Big Tree sprite, from a scanned photo
Sniper, edited player sprite and scanned photo.
New sounds for the sniper.
Teddy Bear sprite
Rocket Ship sprite
Mickey Hat sprite
Window Shatter sprites with window shatter sounds (7 yrs bad luck!)
new pistol/chain gun sound
crickets in the background sounds

Portland, Oregon sky background. Edited from a scan photo of downtown at night
Game Palace Ad (flashes)
Hand Rail
Edge of Bench and Chess board (edited Wood graphic)
Software & More/DragonRook sign
Mickey in Fantasia, from 640x480 hand drawing by me in 1989
Sonic Poster, from 640x480 hand drawing by me in 1991
Dee's Dance Designs sign (A real place, not a real sign)
Pink Wall
Pink Wall with Elvis picture and clock
Broken Window
Weapons Van inside,outside,with tailights
Bath Tile and Bath Tile with hole
Wood wall with hole, from edited wood texture
Restroom symbols
Bun's on the Run sign
Player in battle murals (edited sprites)
PJ's sign
KJ Dime sign
Deathmatch Special Exit sign (flashes)

Thanks for playing!

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