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DMWADR is a DOOM WAD Runner, after you've created a level with that you can use this as a main menu system.
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DMWADR is a DOOM WAD Runner, after you’ve created a level with that you can use this as a main menu system.
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Contents of the WADRUN.DOC file

Welcome to WADRunner! This program is designed to manage your
PWAD files for id Software's game DOOM. You should have the
WADRUN.EXE program, this WADRUN.DOC file, and a data file called
WADRUN.DAT. These files should be placed in your DOOM directory,
and WADRUN should be executed from this directory. While you are
in the DOOM directory, type WADRUN and hit Enter. WADRunner will
search for all your .WAD files, and list them on the screen.
80 file names will fit on the screen. If you have more than
80 PWAD files, you should think seriously about getting some
professional counseling for your "DOOM obsession problems" .
WADRunner will NOT touch your DOOM.WAD, or your DOOM1.WAD files.
What WILL WADRunner do? Good question...

Keystroke Function

A-About Displays an info box with the version number of
WADRunner, and how to contact the author.

C-Change Allows you to change the Episode and Mission number
of a PWAD file. Use the arrow keys to change
the numbers, and hit Enter to keep the changes.
A warning box asks you to hit Enter again to confirm
that you really want to write to your PWAD file.

E-Execute Writes a batch file to start DOOM. If no PWAD files
are marked (See below) then the file where the
cursor is will be used. If any files are marked
then WADRunner will use the first nine marked files
it encounters to construct a batch file. If any
warping (See below) is active, the batch file will
include the -DEVPARM and -WARP command parameters.
The batch file is named W.BAT, so to use it you
should be at the DOS prompt in your DOOM directory,
and type "W" followed by the Enter key. Any previous
W.BAT file will be overwritten, so if you have one
that you want to keep, rename it to something else.

M-Mark Puts an asterisk by the file name, marking it for
later use. Hit "M" again to unmark the file name.
The spacebar will also mark a filename. Use the "U"
key to mark or unmark ALL the file names.

N-Notes Brings up a 3-line 60-character notepad. Use the
arrow keys to move around, and type anything you
want, like the PWAD author, how hard the level is,
etc. Hit the ESC key to save and quit the notepad.
(The Enter key also activates the notepad.)

P-Print Prints the PWAD file name, the episode/mission
of the WAD, and the notes for the WAD. You can
send the output to the printer or a file, called
WADINFO.TXT. Or hit ESC to cancel the printout.

R-Random Picks a random PWAD file to load into DOOM. You
can choose from the shareware DOOM missions, the
registered version missions, or from your list
of PWAD files. The skill level is random also.

W-Warp Lets you pick which episode/mission you start
at when you write a batch file. Use the arrow
keys to change the numbers. Hit Enter to keep
the changes, or ESC to abort.

Basically, that's all there is to WADRunner. Hit the ESC key
(or Q, or X) to quit the program. WADRunner does very little
error checking, so trying to print with no printer attached
to your computer will lockup the machine, etc. I will accept
no responsibility for ANYTHING that happens to you, your family,
or your computer while you are using WADRunner. Likewise, I
expect no compensation for the use of WADRunner. Give it to
anybody who wants it, it's released to the public domain.

If you find any bugs (hope not!), or have any questions,
comments, etc., about WADRunner, send E-Mail to me on
Compuserve at 72123,1521. I usually visit the GAMERS forum
(GO GAMERS) every night. (I know, I really should see
someone about my little "DOOM obsession")


DOOM is a trademark of, and is copyright (c) 1993 by id Software.

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