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Another WAD File For The Registered Version Of DOOM.
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Another WAD File For The Registered Version Of DOOM.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Description: DMINATOR.WAD - A PWAD file containing 9 levels for episode 1.
Usage: Doom -file dminator.wad
By: Flash (Rob Ganshorn)
For use with REGISTERED DOOM (c) ID Software.
(Will not work with the shareware version)

Well here they are, the DOOMINATOR levels. These levels are designed
*ESPECIALLY* for 2 player co-ops, though if you want to play deathmatch
you might not have time to hunt your friend down!

Deathmatch locations have not been checked out thouroughly because my
friend and I haven't bothered with that mode. The
purpose again for these levels was 2 player co-op although if you play
by yourself there is nothing you cannot do. It would be just alot tougher.

For normal play use the ultra violence setting.

See notes about level 2 for a special consideration effected by violence
setting (this was a late change).

A few notes on some of the levels and the mechanics of play

Level 1: Be careful and don't waste ammo by picking it up and then dying!
Take it slow! Run out into the pit and grab the invun shpere
ASAP because you will need it! I added a new exit to make getting
out easier. You can warp back! Find it!

Level 2: There are a boatload of pink demons outside. Maybe I got carried
away with the "insert" key (grin), but chainsaw most of them if
you can. There won't be enough ammo to do it any other way.
Update. I added more ammo so you won't need to chainsaw all of
them, just some of them. What was that episode name?????
I think this part may play too slow on some machines because of
the sheer number of pink demons. It's accepatble on a 486-50
but not everyone has a machine this fast. If it is too slow then
play this game on anything lower than Ultra Violence mode. I have
set it to cut the number of pink demons roughly in half. This is
the ONLY affect changing the skill level will have on these levels.

Level 3: Don't die in the area across from the left door at the beginning
of the game. You need to get into there to be able to gain later
access to the secret level. If you die in there, you can't return
because your path is blocked. You can still finish the level, but
you can no longer gain access to the secret level. Use your CELL
ammo sparingly on this level. If you do make it into the area to
go to the secret level, get the invun FAST! Also, watch for the
blackout trap hidden somewhere. It will blackout the entire level!
(It's very small and really won't get in the way). I put this in
by accident, but thought it was neat enough to leave in. If you
don't specify a sector tag for a blackout linedef, it just so
happens it blacks out almost the entire level.. Where's that F11

Secret: Lotsa guys, lotsa health and ammo and watch the rocket dude on
the center moving platform. Don't head out until the lift goes
down. Even then run as fast as you can to the next room.

Level 8: What happened to levels 4-7? Well, if you do ok on 1-3 plus the
secret level you should do ok on these. A few different suprises
may catch you off guard. Anyhow level 8 is a blast-fest. You really
aren't meant to survive it easily, if at all. What my friend and I
do is kill all the barons in the first room (stay at the top and
save the invun for when you need it). Kill all the barons in the
second area then it usually breaks down into a deathmatch after
that. If you want to finish it, concentrate on killing the rocket
dude on top of the platform. A few BFG hits and he is toast! However
it is lotsa fun playing this level deathmatch after 8 levels of
co-op. There is nothing like getting even for the times your
partner accidently shot you! (yeah right, I think they do it on
purpose sometimes :-). We usually are able to play up to the rocket
dudes without dying. After that you either bfg the top guy and
finish or do a little deathmatch!

Well that's about it. NO BFG except on the last level. In my opinion the
BFG makes things too easy especially when there is lotsa cell and rockets
around. Save ammo on levels until you need it. If you die with a full load,
then you just wasted that ammo.... Once you play the levels and get to know
them, you'll be able to have an easier time at it. There are a few areas
where textures might not line up great or multiple switches appear on a
tall/wide wall. This is because there is no easy way for aligning textures
in the map editors (yet) and that the switch textures are only so big. They
all repeat to cover large areas so hence in about 1 or 2 spots throughout the
levels you'll see multiple switches on a wall - a minor problem. All levels
have been tested so that you can't get hoplessly stuck in one. You can miss
the secret level if you die at the wrong time on level 3, so take it
easy! I left it this way because it's an extra challenge now to get there.
Have a blast!


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