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Doom Image Editor v2.4 Edit the walls, doors and MONSTERS in doom. You will need WT100.ZIP to run this program.
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Doom Image Editor v2.4 Edit the walls, doors and MONSTERS in doom. You will need WT100.ZIP to run this program.
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Download File DIE024.ZIP Here

Contents of the DIE.DOC file

/*********************** Doom Image Editor v2.4 ****************************/
By reading this file DIE.DOC and/or installing it, you hereby
acknowledge you the reader are wholly responsible in every way
shape or form for any effects the user (you) incur. I have made
every reasonable effort to insure DIE executes correctly.

Use it, distribute it, upload it,
but don't exploit it. Don't act like it's yours and make others
pay a fee (dollars) for you giving it to them. That is not cool.
I released this as FREEWARE, and it shall stay that way. If you
think you need to have someone pay for you to sit on your butt
and copy it to diskette...that's bull. However, if you need to milk
.50 cents out of 'em for a diskette, I suppose that makes sense.

-Updates for DIE v1.1:
- added mouse speed settings to die.cfg.
- added check for mouse on startup.
- added visual for image load\save status.
- the executable is now named DIE.EXE (no more version numbers to type).

-Updates for DIE v1.2:
- increased size of static image memory
- added a more solid check for non compatible image format:
You may notice some of the images you edited before, you may
not be able to edit now. This is because some of the images
were not recognized as incompatible with DIE's current abilities.
- added a more solid pixel read/write algorithm
- including a front end for DIE in the DIE package
- !!!! bitchin !!!!!!
You can use the -file param with doom to load .DIE files.
If you are afraid of fraggin-up your .WAD file, use the
-file param when you run doom so you can test the new creation
out first before making the import with WT.

DOOM -file sky1.die

-Updates SINCE DIE v1.2:
-updated the file type detection so it wouldn't choke and puke.
-added animated image editing (!! MONSTERS !!).
-added fast fill feature for f2 key.
-added check for mouse with diefe which tells die.
if mouse has already been checked.
-fixed bug dealing with file size.
-coded front end DIEFE.
-fixed bug for end of file detection.
-added zoom window for f3 key.
-switched back to malloc().
-worked on malloc bugs.
-increased size of zoom window.
-updated check for file type.
-worked on malloc() bugs.
-moved zoom window position and current color position.
-added free() function when reading pixels and run out of memory.
-added reload() for f4 key.
-fixed bug in file write index (bytes supposedly not used).
-took out file overwrite prompt for shareware users.
-added more robust wadcheck on initialization/visual.

-What it is:
DIE (Doom Image Editor) is a utility for the seemingly endless
tools for the DOOM wad.
(The game DOOM ain't gonna die out for a looonnggg time.)

You can Export an Image from WADTOOLS (c) Jeff Miller 1994, and
Import it to DIE. Then you can paint all over it, Import it back
to WADTOOLS, and Shazam. Custom walls. You can also use the -file
param (as mentioned above) to test out the new image.

DIE only works with raw DOOM.WAD data.

If you have the Shareware Version (still..). Register DOOM.
DIE will not work with the Shareware version in keeping with
ID software's request to limit hacks to the registered version.

At this point, DIE is a point and grunt paint program. You are
limited to pixel by pixel painting. If you wanna gripe, go ahead.
Be glad all these DOOM hackers are keeping you griper leeches
satisfied !

-How to use it:
(where this file notes < > for explaining configuration info, do not
include the "< >". They are used only for illustration.)

There should be five files in the DIE012.ZIP package:
DIEFE .EXE - Front end to make typing less of a hassle.
DIEFE .DOC - Doc for Die's Front End.
DIE .EXE - Doom Image Editor.
DIE .DOC - What you is reading.
DIE .DAC - Image of the DAC registers.
DIE .CFG - DIE'S configuration file.

Bark up your favorite text editor, and change (in DIE.CFG) the line:


to be set to the path of your DOOM.WAD file with the name of your
main DOOM.WAD tacked to the end. (doomdir c:\doom\doom.wad).

I did this so you can have a separate directory for DIE, other than
your DOOM directory. (Mine is soooooooo full of stuff.....).

Also, set the desired mouse speed at the line:


- x, y, and sensitivity can range from 1 to 100.

go into WADTOOLS (c) Jeff Miller 1994, and find your image to EXPORT.
give it an extension too, if you want.

Execute DIE like this: DIE

If I exported SKY1.DOM from WADTOOLS, (I export mine with extensions),
I would type


You will then see a checking of the mouse driver, and a status of
the image loading. (or an error message if you made a mistake).

If the file you are loading already exists in the current directory
with the extension of .DIE, you will be asked if you want to
continue; this means the file will be overwritten if you save it
at the end.

You should then have the image on the screen, a "color bar", and the
mouse cursor (yes, I KNOW it's ugly in mode 13h, but it turns off
when you are drawing).

When you grunt on a color with the right mouse button, a small box
will appear in the lower left corner of the screen in the color
you chose. This is the current drawing color. You may also choose
a color from the image.

Use the left mouse button to color a pixel, and the F1 key will
redraw the screen (if you get sloppy).

If you decide you want to recolor the whole image to the current
color selected, hit F2.

To zoom in on a section of the image, position the mouse and hit
F3. This will zoom in, from the mouse position, to the right and down.
You can also jig around in the zoom window with the arrow keys.
*it will not (should not) move past the bounds of the image.

There is a seeming "bug" in the zoom window. It will sometimes
paint pixels outside of the image. This is only aesthetic. Hit F1,
and the real image (stored in the array) will be redrawn.
I'll fix this when I figure out how.
(I'm beginning to appreciate Windows PAINT).

If you screw up, you can reload the image from within the DIE "IDE",
(Integrated Doom Environment), with the F4 key. All your changes
will be lost.

When you hit escape, you will be prompted to save the image. This
is done regardless. Even if you didn't change the image.

You will then have a file in the current directory with the .DIE
extension. This is the file to import back into WADTOOLS.

Enemy image editing is now available!
You are, however, limited to the pixels occupied by the image.
You can't just draw a bunch of S___ on the screen and call it
an IMP. You can only draw on the pixels that are there.

-Wuz next:
I really need to change some things to use the tweaked modes of
320x200. Mode 13h sucks, but the mouse cursor doesn't recognize
the tweaked modes. I could 'emulate' a cursor, but haven't played
with it yet. This is probably next.
(Homework still not done; anybody got some Windows code for sale ?....)

/************************* Thanks go to: ************************************/

Jeff Miller
Nice program Jeff. Without your exporting, DIE
would by dead.

Raphael Quinet [email protected]
I see you have the home-grown maps nailed. *bitchin*.

Brendon Wyber ([email protected]).
Are you and this Raphael dude doin this DEU thing as a team effort ?

Matt Fell ([email protected])
Hank Leukart ([email protected])
Without your specs, I would have given up on the pixel format a long
time ago. These were a real HELP.

AND thanks go to any one else contributing to the Great Doom Hack,
may your BFG never go limp.


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