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Another WAD File For Ther Registered Version Of DOOM.
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Another WAD File For Ther Registered Version Of DOOM.
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Contents of the README.TXT file




This is the first release of a few levels that I have done for Doom.
They take place in levels 1 through 4 on mission 1. They were created in the
order that they are played in, so the first level seems less well rounded
but level 4 has some excellent design. These levels took me a long time to
create (learning Deu and thinking of new mechanics.) I plan to release newer
versions later with more levels, better graphics, and I'll brush up the early
levels even more. There are some graphics included in this version (mostly
textures for my house) but most of the stuff is the same. The levels are set up so
that if you choose medium difficulty, it should be perfect for those who
need a challange. Easy is well ... pretty easy. And Hard is not impossible
(I've completed it often, but I know where everything is) but it is difficult.
In order to get the best value out of these levels I suggest you DO NOT USE
ANY CHEAT CODES. If it seems to difficult at first, change the difficulty
level, and don't spoil the secrets. I have worked hard to get the difficulty
where I wanted it for these levels.

NOTE: If you want look at a good level, take a look at level 4.

Here is a description of the levels (and I know the names suck, but hell
it's version 1.0 subject to change wihthout notice)

Level 1 -Gateway Home

This level may seem pretty basic, but it was my first level. It has a good
amount of hidden things, and many different ways to get to the end. There
a few nifty mechanics involved also (I like the star elevator)

HINT : Chech the walls in the spiral stairs at the start of the level

Level 2 -160 Hartman Circle

I think that this level is very fun. The layout is of my house, and the
detail is as good as I could get with the Doom engine limitations. There
are some new textures on the walls. It is set up so that the enemies
(once they spot you) will try to get inside the house. Going outside early
is a big mistake. Enjoy your stay at my house, but please keep the blood
off the furniture. If you know how to grab power ups wisely, there should
be little problem finishing this level. (If you can beat this level on
medium, try it on hard once ... it rocks) By the way, the moving texture
in one of the rooms is suppoesed to resemble a big TV.

HINT : Like I said before, grab power ups only when you need them. There
are alot of Medical kits laying around, you just have to look a little.
And look for a room to take a stand. There is a big one that works well.
And it's dark.

Level 3-Enemy Fortress

This level has a story like setup. At first you are the prey, and then you
are the stalker. Save the game when you get to this level, cause the
start is tricky. At the begining you must run for your life (do a 180 right
away) This level is pretty well designed, focusing more on mechanics than
anything. It is realatively straight forward, but it is a battle to the

HINT : There is a plasma rifle hidden on this level that is very hard to find
see if you can find it though, because it is great for level 4. You have to
hit a lot of switches to get it, and leap (HINT HINT) near the rising
staircase. Be alert at all times and it will be easy to beat this level.

Level 4-Church of the Burning flame

This level is very well set up. I concentrated on the mechanics and the
layout of the rooms. Very symetrcial. This is the first level that uses keys.
There are lots of ways to go, and lots of 'wrong ways' but the are designed
well. This level took me forever to make, and it jams the node builder in
deu because it's so damned big and detailed, but this is a level I would put
my name on.It has a better lay out then the other 3 levels by far.

HINT : There are a couple well hidden rooms that are VERY HELPFUL in
beating this level on medium. Try keeping your distance from the enemy,
and if you see a demon or a spectre, open up on them with the chaingun.
This level (without cheating of course) will take time to complete.
I like the challenge though, and so should you.

Coming soon: More levels like level 4, only more elaborate, and increasing
difficulty. Better textures (hopefully ... if only wacker worked better!)

Also included in this zip file is the Moviemus.wad which is movie music for
levels 1-4. I got the music from the Internet. Music included:

Level 1-Terminator theme song
Level 2-Jurassic Park theme song
Level 3-Batman theme song
Level 4-Starwars music

Thanks to those who uploaded those tunes, there grrrreat!

To load type in:
doom -file botwalz.wad moviemus.wad

Have fun!

Tom Walz
[email protected]

P.S. Multi-player is there, just not tested.

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